We develop a different theme throughout every fortnight.
The themes run through the various areas of life, intercepting all age groups and covering the broad BluEmerald culture – a healthy, conscious, and sustainable life.

Each theme will be developed in interviews, written pieces, public forums, brainstorms of ideas, and also contests and challenges that call for your active contribution. We will also be suggesting places or journeys, spreading NGOs, and texts, many texts that offer credible information and promote your empowerment, and will fill these headings. 

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Read and Write

Pertinent books, with opinions and points of view than enrich us.

Three questions to...

Interviews with those who make a difference.


Debatable topics for which there is still no definitive answer. We want to know your opinion. Help us feed debates on less consensual but relevant topics.


Contests and challenges were everyone is invited to participate, and who knows, be able to win?



Because there are organizations that you really need to know and can help to make this world a better world.


Sentences that make a difference.


 Practical advices to help you solve problematic situations of health or welfare.


Another look ...

Another medical perspective on common problems.


What do the tests mean, what do they measure and what is their purpose?

You are taking ...?

Supplements, medications, interactions, and consequences of long intakes. Everything you need to know to make the right choices and take the most appropriate action.

Nutri and phyto

The power of plants and nutrients. We'll teach you why, when, and how to use them to your advantage.

Healthy eating

Numerous reviews, numerous suggestions ... in this heading we will help you navigate this world where there is so much contradictory information.

Secrets of what you are eating

Knowledge that few are able to give you, on this important subject.

Good appetite

Easy and healthy recipes to start improving your life.

Natural Beauty

What should you do to enhance your natural beauty in a conscious and sustainable way.

Healthy me

 Knowledge for you to be able to implement a healthier life

Me and my body

 Develop body awareness and dynamic communication with the body is needed!


Conscious Me

Because we have to realize what we really want, be conscious and be responsible for that

Meditation and enlightenment

Why not try to disconnect from the outside world, and start to focus our attention inside us?

Positive psychology

How about exploring your strengths and values, learn how be even happier in a natural way? Join us to better understand what this new branch of psychology can do for you.

Never stop learning

Because knowledge does not occupy space, because there are several ways to learn, and because you can learn at any age, we challenge you to come learn with us!

Myself and the others

To know how to be with myself, and to know how to be with others. May sound difficult, but it can be easy.


A heading that promotes family life, and your feelings of belonging.


At home

Because your house is a part of your world, and this is one of the places where you can start making a difference.

Organic/Bio backyard

.... How about jump in to action in the gardens, in your windows and on the terraces? The land is calling for you!

Animals and company

We and the animals, because they can be so much more than friends.


Tips for a more environmentally sustainable life.

Slow, Slow

Slow food…slow cities…. Slow movement. Because know, more than ever, that we need to start slowing down.


To travel is to learn. Know other landscapes, other cultures, and perhaps another way of looking at life? Come travel with us!


Corners of this precious planet's ... sustainability ... beauty .... special places ...

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