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Why do we have negative thoughts?

Our mind moves constantly between thoughts of the past, future and present situations in our experience. A movement characterized by assessment, analysis, comparison and judgment.

This movement wears us out emotionally and physiologically because we are constantly involved in the content which occupies our mind.

Thoughts simply come and go and we can do nothing to stop this movement of the mind that is natural and characteristic of the human minds. We cannot stop, but we are able to have a greater awareness of these thoughts.

With the practice of mindfulness we train the ability to recognize and observe the movement of the mind and identify the habits that lead us into negative automatic thoughts.

According to Dr. Zindel Segal, one of the professionals who developed the Minfulness program based on Cognitive Therapy (MBCT - read more), negative thoughts are based on automatic negative routines that arise as avoidance mechanism or escape from stressful situations or challenging difficulties in our lives.

These negative automatic routines persist as a result of different factors:

1. We live on autopilot instead of fostering an awareness and mindfulness at every moment, in the "now” (learn more).  This autopilot is characterized by an automatic external or internal action without we really being aware of what we are doing, thinking or feeling;

2. We relate ourselves with the experience through thoughts instead of through our senses. Through thoughts we enter the phases of assessment, analysis, comparison and judgment, but when we recognize our experience through our feelings we are at the present moment, with awareness of the experience as it is right now;

3. We remain stuck in the past and in the future instead of living the only time we have - the present moment, the here and now;

4. We try to escape, avoid and change the negative experiences instead of finding them with curiosity, responsiveness and openness to recognize what is present in our experience;

5. We want the things to be different than they are rather than accept and embrace life as it presents itself in every moment;

6. We see thoughts as true and real rather than recognize them as mental events that often do not correspond to reality;

7. We treat ourselves with inflexibility, demand and judgment rather than acceptance by ourselves.

If these 7 points are the reasons why we keep these negative processes, then leave them implies to change the way of being in our lives, to find our experience in every present moment, to cultivate acceptance for ourselves and for what happens in our life.

Mindfulness allows us to promote tools that help us to release these negative routines. For tips read the article: How to Use Mindfulness to deal with negative thoughts Automatic.

O Mindfulness permite-nos fomentar ferramentas que nos ajudam a libertar destas rotinas negativas. For more about this subject, read here

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