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Relaxing is really important to control what you eat!

It could be just a matter of thinking that it is better for everybody to be relaxed. And it is! But it is not a matter of opinion, be relaxed, learn to relax and make peaceful meals is important in appetite control!


Cortisol is a stress hormone, and has a specific biorhythm accompanying more or less the sunlight. Upon waking we have more cortisol and at the end of the day less (if everything is well). But throughout the day there are also fluctuations in cortisol levels – it is not normal that cortisol is always high!

If your cortisol is constantly high (because you are under stress), this deregulates your appetite. And if you are overweight, your cortisol levels increase more than a person with less weight.  

Making a very restrictive diet also increases cortisol levels, so do not fall into crazy diets. 
If you are trying to lose weight, the first step is to learn to relax!
And then look for a professional to help you draw up a proper diet!

Tips to lower cortisol:
- Listen to quiet music you like

- Meditate

- Do relaxation exercises / breathing.

- Have proper sleep.

- Have a diet with real food and not too caloric restrictive.

Others hormones that control appetite

Our hormonal system is complex and in what concerns to digestion and appetite control, the situation is not easier. There are several hormones that control appetite: ghrelin, orexin, neuropeptide Y, Glucagon-Like Peptide-1, Cholecystokinin, Peptide YY.

So, when the time to eat arrives, we have to give time to our systems to realize that we are eating, what kinds of food we eat and how much. If you eat too fast, you are not letting your brain to process all this information. And some of the hormones are only released in the intestines.

Tips for better control of your appetite hormones:
- Read about Mindfuleating and apply it. 

- Chew at least 20 times when something gets into your mouth.

- Wake up 10 minutes earlier to take breakfast.

- Allow at least half an hour for lunch / dinner (not counting of course with a time of meal preparation, queues, ..).

- Do not have the television on nor your cell phone nearby when you eat.

- Do not eat until you feel full.

- Always make balanced meals

Relax and see that is much simpler control what you eat!

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