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Lose weight in the most natural way

Losing weight can be very difficult and famous diets are so many that it is difficult to choose which is the one that you will do this summer. Now this is the first thought you have to eliminate! Forget the word 'diet' - do not go into too restrictive eating plans, nor neglect the intake of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the functioning of your body.

Choose the more natural foods you can and you will see that you don’t even have to count calories so seriously!

Foods with more than 5-6 ingredients should not enter your home. Try to avoid anything that is packaged with colorful and attractive boxes.

Make vegetarian meals
Soup with vegetables, legumes (beans, chickpeas, peas) and also with grains (some quinoa, millet, …) and a piece of fruit for lunch or salads with mixed vegetables and legumes. At least 3-4 of your weekly meals can be vegetarian.

Choose well the protein foods
Eat fish, white meat and eggs. If you like and tolerate, eat yogurt, cheese or drink organic milk.

Have quality fats
Only cook with olive oil, use first cold pressed oils for salad dressings, improve your salads with avocado and eat some nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds,...).

The only dessert
Make fruit your unique dessert. Of course you can always dip it in a little dark chocolate, but do not go beyond that.

Double the amount of vegetables
Double the amount of raw or cooked vegetables you eat at this time for lunch and dinner and also introduce them for snacks, for example sticks of carrots and celery with hummus are a great snack.

If you can only do three meals a day that’s not a problem
The question of the number of meals is questionable and there is not much that can be said in favor of the 5/6 meals, besides an appetite control effect in some cases. But if you feel good with 3 meals a day and it helps you to escape the unhealthy snacks, so make only 3.

If you need to make small snacks, choose your food carefully
Choose snacks only with food in nature such as fruits, nuts, seeds, natural yogurts and eventually whole grain bread.

It may be possible to lose weight only with a food plan. But it is much more difficult! Apart from that, for maintaining weight loss is necessary to increase muscle mass. So, do strength exercises and alternate them with resistance exercises.

Be careful when eating out
When eating away from home, avoid pizzas, hamburgers and other fast foods, look for meals as you would do at home.

Sleep enough and control stress
These are two points as important as all other weight control tipps. Sleep about 7-8 hours and get your personal strategies for stress management, from meditation, yoga, walking, whatever works for you.  

These are some examples of the initial steps for a loss of consistent and lasting weight. The inclusion of other functional foods and other alterations such as remove gluten or casein may make sense in some cases, at later stages.

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