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Does being a vegetarian make you lose weight?

Imagine a vegetarian person!

Almost everyone, when they imagine a vegetarian person, imagines someone skinny.  Did you also imagine that?

Many studies have shown that vegetarians are healthier in many aspects. Reduction of inflammation and risk of metabolic diseases, decreased risk of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are examples.

But is the absence of animal products in the diet good for your weight loss?

In essence, when someone decides to be vegetarian because they do not agree that eating animals is correct, because of concerns for the planet or because they read more about food, usually there are improvements in nutrition. Many start eating organic food and discover foods that until then had never experienced. Vegetarians normally vary widely in their choices, eat more fruit and vegetables than nonvegetarians and are often apologists of daily exercise and practices such as meditation and yoga. In these cases, where the balance to achieve high biological value proteins is respected and when we are aware of some risks, usually the person improves health-wise, and loses some weight.

But if you only want to be vegetarian because you think that you will lose weight in this manner and you don’t even have a controlled appetite, probably the experience will not end well:

- Without meat and fish you can make the mistake of eating more grains than usual;

- Dishes full of pasta and just some vegetables are not friends of your weight;

- Fried products are always unhealthy even if they have vegetables or soy inside. A lasagna is always a lasagna, vegetarian or not;

- Chips and many industrial products can be consumed by vegetarians (this makes them healthy?);

- Is common to see many vegetarian menus with fried foods;

- Your appetite can decompensate even more if you can not get protein from alternative sources;

- Do you consume many pounds of fruit and lots of fruit juices? Is this good?;  

- Giant salads but with unhealthy sauces in industrial quantities are also not good option;

- Soups with lots of potatoes and few vegetables are considered vegetarianbut are not healthy;

- Candies have no meat /fish and can be made without dairy and eggs, but also for any person, these foods should not be consumed without rule;

- The same goes for sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Exercise is as important for a vegetarian as for a non-vegetarian.

There is no evidence that being a vegetarian makes you lose weight and to be an unhealthy vegetarian, as well as have any other kind of diet and not be healthy - will not help you lose weight! Yes, there are vegetarians who have bad diets!

If you just don’t eat meat/ fish/ eggs/ dairy, but you do not reduce sweets, sugary drinks, refined grains, hydrogenated fats and do not even exercise – you will not lose weight! Also foods with healthy fats such as nuts/ almonds/ hazelnuts, seeds, olive oil or avocado continue to lack and you need to consume them.

The use of healthy vegetarian meals several times a week helps us improve our health. And the decline in meat/fish consumption is a sustainable option

If you want to become vegetarian do it the right way. And it may even have consequences in your weight

If you only want to be vegetarian because you think you'll lose weight, choose first to introduce some vegetarian meals in your diet, eliminate sugar, do more exercise, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat organic whenever you can and do not use manufactured foods – you will be more successful for sure.

See for example the Okinawa Diet or realize whether it is worth to take gluten of your diet. 
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