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Save Light! Follow the example of Paris!
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Green Economy
In a fortnight we talk about Night & Day, we could not fail to mention actions to save light!

Following the example of France, which now requires all stores to switch off the interior lights at night, also at home we can start saving with respect to the light we use.
See our tips and apply them today!

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In this fortnight: Night & Day
Previous fortnight: Vacations & Family
Unwind at Eco-lodge Brejeira
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Places Eco-Lodge Brejeira
In the hurried life many of us live, work is too often a dominant factor that dictates nearly the entire week, weekends are always too short and too often filled with all kinds of tasks, like shopping and cleaning.

Little time is left to spend with those we love most. Holidays give us the chance to have a break, breathe in deeply, and fully be with our family.
Eco-lodge Brejeira is the perfect place to do exactly that: let everything go, forget about the daily stress, and simply be.

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Fortnight started in 17 June 2013: Fresh & Salt Water
Do you know how to save water?
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Not only because your wallet thanks you but because we need more and more sustainability actions, we remember that water starts to dwindle throughout the world and we must save it!

See our suggestions, make sure you already apply some of these actions and if you don’t, start today!

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Zadar Sea Organ
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Places Sofia Baptista

Situated on the coast of the city of Zadar in Croatia, the sea organ was created in 2005 and won the European award for public spaces.
We can watch the sun set to the sound of this giant organ that is touched by the waves of the sea.

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Fortnight started in 20 May 2013: Motherhood & Fatherhood
The seed value
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Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

Because of the new European seed law, whose vote in the European Commission is expected in May, we recall here the importance of protecting the seeds that are the source of life and food.

The traditional seeds can be, unlike hybrid and genetically modified (transgenic) seeds, selected and stored by the farmers, giving rise to a wide variety of foods.

With the new European regulation, the European Commission intends to restrict the use of these seeds, forcing the entry in the official catalog, a time consuming and expensive process which is out of reach of most farmers and their associations.

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Being a father and mother: a challenge of sustainability
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Eco Sónia Da Veiga

Being a Mother/Father is something that deserves much deliberation because it is not just about putting more young lives in the world or embracing those that already exist but need family, leaving it as it was before: these lives will touch thousands of other lives during their existence and possibly beyond, as a drop of water falling into a large lake, influencing the whole mass with the ripples it creates.


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Fortnight started in 6 May 2013: Drinks & Company
The olive organic farming - high quality food
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Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

Organic olive oil is a virgin olive oil made from olives that were not treated in the olive grove with chemical fertilizers and pesticides synthesis, and is produced at the mill with special care not to lose their organoleptic (taste and flavor) and nutritional qualities (fatty unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants).
It is an oil that does not contain residues of agricultural pesticides and should not contain phthalates resulting from the plastic materials used in some mills and packaging.

In Portugal some high quality organic oils are already produced, which have reached the top of the world.


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Fortnight started in 25 March 2013: Intoxicate & Detoxify
The use of coffee grounds to produce a valuable food
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Eco Gumelo

Currently, the production of quality food should be associated with sustainable production, making their consumption an act of reduced environmental impact.
are a high nutritional value food that should be easily reached with quality by all families. Given the specificity of these organisms, its cultivation is usually dependent on processes that require a lot of energy and chemical additives.

We present an alternative and sustainable mushrooms production method that does not have high energy costs nor uses any additive, resulting in a healthy functional and ecological food.

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Fortnight started in 25 February 2013: Gluten & Gluten free
Seasonal varieties for a sustainable production
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Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

The current food production is inefficient and has great losses:
- 30% of UK horticultural crops are not harvested;
- About half of all food purchased in Europe and the United States is discarded;
- About 500 billion m3 of water are wasted every year in cultures that never reach the consumer;
- It takes 20 to 50 times more water to produce 1kg of meat than 1kg vegetable;
The most sustainable and secure option is to cultivate varieties adapted to the growing season, and preferably in the open air.

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Fortnight started in 11 February 2013: Love & Passion
Bioconstruction, love by nature
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Eco Catarina Pinto

Bioconstruction uses natural materials such as straw, earth, wood, cork, among others. It favours the development of humanity as it promotes harmony, health and sustainability. It creates comfortable spaces that respect and connect us to nature. It manages resources, establishes a favourable relationship with the place, uses environmentally friendly materials and spaces where we truly feel good!

It is a form of construction that intervenes in the natural environment with sensitivity and love.

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A small vegetable garden and a great patrimony (genetic)
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Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira

The large vegetable gardens that supply the markets, work increasingly with hybrid varieties, which contribute to the loss of traditional varieties. These are the priority varieties for small vegetable gardens of self-consumption and local sale. There are still many regional varieties, the tomato being one of the species in which the genetic diversity is bigger. Thus, we have better food and help the conservation of a valuable inheritance...

This is a type of work that is urgent to do, since most of varieties are grown by older farmers that are leaving us without anybody to whom we can pass on this treasure, which are the seeds.

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Fortnight started in 28 January 2013: Me & My home
A Slow House
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Slow, slow

The concept of a slow house, the principles of reflection and quality oriented design and well proportioned spaces, in order to adapt and readjust the daily needs of its habitants, such as loss of minimum space, lots of natural light and a strong connection with the outdoors and nature.

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