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Which is the best after sun skin cream?
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Natural Beauty Luana Barbosa
Dry skin has no brightness, is rough and tends to flake off in small white layers. The skin with these characteristics causes some discomfort, but not enough to cause concern. It should be treated more seriously as a problem, if it causes cracks or infections.

To prevent dry skin after sun exposure you should do a correct hygiene which includes skin hydration with special moisturizers.

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In this fortnight: Vacations & Family II
Previous fortnight: The beginnig & The end
Desired change with a "Happy Ending"
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Positive psychology Paula Costa
Adoption is a multifaceted process and a life transition not always expected but usually much desired for its stakeholders.

The adoption allows children deprived of their biological family to find a new family and enables the adoptive family, the exercise of parenting.

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Fortnight started in 5 January 2015: Best of 2014
Happy New Year 2015 in our company
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EsmeraldAzul wishes everyone a 2015 full of happiness, achievements and love!
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Merry Christmas 2014
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The EsmeraldAzul magazine's team wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas.
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Fortnight started in 22 December 2014: Today & Tomorrow
Brain Cancer and frequent cell phone use
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Healthy me Luzia Alves
The number of glioma, brain tumor, has been increasing. According to a Swedish study, mobile phone use increases by 30% the development of these tumors. The use of 3G mobile phones increases the incidence, the use for more than 25 years increases 3 times its appearance.

We must discuss these issues related to the use these so useful but so potentially harmful devices.

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Fortnight started in 24 November 2014: Cristina Sales
Orchid with letters
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Another look Cristina Sales
In these times of change, imposed by premonitory calendars or by the collapse of social systems, or even by the conscious and decided shift in tune with the signs of the times, it is urgent to be able to raise the consciousness level and the act of giving and receiving.

Gifts of tenderness and devotion.
Who knows, maybe an orchid with letters.

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The Strength of the Presence
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Another look
The EsmeraldAzul is one expression of the excellence of Dr. Cristina’s work.

Altogether, Functional and Integrative Medicine embodies the pursuit of her medical career and expresses the ethical dimension that she assumed since high school: to do everything to help the people who would seek her, especially those to whom traditional medicine would be unable to do so.

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Fortnight started in 1 September 2014: Best of 2013
Resilience: A very important feature of Human Beings!
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Myself and the others Paula Costa
Resilience can be understood as an adaptation system that enables the experience of adversity, trauma and stressful situations (health, work ...) in an attitude of willingness to change and therefore to learn. 

It is a process that occurs through the interaction of the person in his/her context. 
How important is it to you? What must you be attentive to its acquisition / development?

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Fortnight started in 18 August 2014: Stop & Think
Always have a book
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Conscious Me Paula Costa
Resting with a good book can be a very captivating way to occupy a few hours of our vacations and promote attitudes of silence and body-mind balance. 

Reading is an act of discovery that arouses emotions, thoughts and constant learning. When we are involved in this activity our curiosity has no limits.

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Fortnight started in 21 July 2014: Sun & Sea
Between sun and sea ... a moment of rest!
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Positive psychology Paula Costa
The resulting decrease in quality of life because of the constant race against time is detrimental in terms of physical and mental health. 
The summer holidays and the period to which they are associated allows us the deserved and much needed rest. 

Rest your body and mind.

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Fortnight started in 9 June 2014: Me & Not Me
The road less traveled, Scott Peck
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Read and Write
Bestseller since 1978, "The road less traveled" is the most successful book by Scott Peck. This psychiatrist wrote this success, which is more than just a book of self-help, it is a transformative book. It shows us how to live the suffering of the change, teach us to learn that it is possible to achieve serenity and fullness in life. 

At some point in your life you will need to read it. When you think it makes sense - enjoy it!

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Fortnight started in 3 February 2014: Body & Mind
Art - Therapy for body and mind
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
Art therapy brings what the unconscious has registered. It is by the colors, shapes and expressions that the person can better understand itself and his or hers most hidden emotions.

Just pick up crayons, colouring pencils, watercolor, puppets to role play, plus many more other features. It is not necessary to know how to draw or have any familiarity with art; the process is only a means to expose the emotions.

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