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What to expect when you’re expecting
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"What to expect when you’re expecting" is a 2012 film inspired in a book with the same name. It is a romantic comedy that shows motherhood and fatherhood experiences through the lives of five couples in a good humored way, although it shows difficult situations that all have to overcome in this new phase of their lives.

Full of humor to watch in a family environment!

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Baby bath can be a wonderful experience
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When we think of "bath" and "babies", many of us will also make the association to "cry" or "fear of hurting." But after watching the video of Sonia Rochel you will completely change your mind.

Mother of 4 children and nurse, Sonia Rochel is the founder of "Thalasso Baby Bath" and intends to teach moms and dads that the experience of bathing may be the best way to receive and stimulate babies at this stage so new to them.

Watch and delight yourself!

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In this fortnight: Motherhood & Fatherhood
Previous fortnight: Inflammation & Anti-inflammation
Diana Krall
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Diana Krall has sold over 15 million records worldwide and is a multi award-winning jazz pianist and singer.

In a week when inflammation and anti-inflammation is the theme and knowing that relaxing is an anti-inflammatory weapon, nothing better than the melodious voice and calm and relaxing music of Diana Krall.

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Fortnight started in 25 March 2013: Intoxicate & Detoxify
Super Size Me
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Watch and Listen

Super Size Me is a stunning documentary about the influences that fast food can have on our physical and mental health.

Morgan Spurlock subjected himself to 30 days of fast food. All meals during that time were made at McDonald's and the consequences were a gain of 5,5 pounds and liver damage.

Watch and draw your own conclusions! After this experience, he definitely needed a detox diet!

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Fortnight started in 11 March 2013: Woman-25-50
Memoirs of a Geisha
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The story of this film begins in the years before World War II when a Japanese child is separated from her parents to work as a maid in a geisha house. Fighting every day against the obstacles that appear in her way, this girl flourishes and becomes a legendary geisha.

Discover the poignant story of this girl-woman.

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Fortnight started in 25 February 2013: Gluten & Gluten free
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Parenthood is the name of an American series which has had several seasons and began in 2010 as a reissue of a movie with the same name, which had debuted in 1989.

This series tells the story of a three generation family and each episode is packed with situations with which we can identify perfectly. In the second episode of the first season, one of the couples is faced with the need to start a gluten-free diet for their child with recently diagnosed Asperger Syndrome.

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Fortnight started in 11 February 2013: Love & Passion
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The Notebook is an excellent film production about love and romance, a movie that gives us a story about true love in its purest sense and how much people are willing to give of themselves, to gain and maintain that feeling throughout life.

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Josh Groban
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With more than 13 million records sold worldwide, with a unique voice and an unusual talent, Josh Groban is a global megastar.

Considered one of the most expressive singers in the United States of America, Josh Groban plays a mix of classical music with pop, resulting in a unique sound, and brings firmness of a great voice that can touch the heart.

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The film, 'Amour' by Michael Haneke won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and has five nominations for the Oscars, among them best picture and best foreign film.
  'Amour' is intimate, intimidating, and intelligent. Actors Jean Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva play a couple of retired musicians. It is a film about the end of life and endless love.

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Hachi is a special dog who accompanies his owner, every day, to the train station to see him leave, returning to the station each afternoon to greet him at the end of each day. The story of Hachi is a true story, where the faithful devotion of a dog to its owner shows the great power of love.

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Fortnight started in 28 January 2013: Me & My home
Dierks Bentley
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Dierks Bentley is an American singer of "country music" that since 2001 has presented several albums.

The most recent album is titled "Home" and one of its songs have the same name. It is a song with a nice rhythm that reminds us that whatever happens there is always a place that we call "home" and where we feel happy and safe!

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Fortnight started in 14 January 2013: Start & Restart
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
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The movie the "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" - talks about a man who is born with physiological attributes of an elderly person and spends his life in a gradual process of bodily  rejuvenation - has as its main theme the process and experience of this peculiar way and how they must restart every day.

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