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Skin cancer prevention with vitamin D
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira

With the summer come the skin cancer warnings. 

The journal "Dermato-Endocrinology", January, 2013, published an article which we found very promising for prolonged sun bathing lovers.

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Vitamin D Deficiency in Neuromyelitis Optica
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
The Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system affecting the optic nerve and spinal cord.

Studies show that this disease may be related to hypovitaminosis D.

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Fortnight started in 25 April 2016: Temporary & Definitive
Vitamin D effective in reducing migraine attacks
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Migraines or headaches afflict a big part of the population, and conventional medication does not work satisfactorily.

Some studies warn of the relationship between migraines and deficiency in vitamin D.

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Fortnight started in 14 March 2016: Foods & Medicines
Is Vitamin D a specific medicine?
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Drugs containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins may be considered specific.
There is a vitamin that almost all of us need to take: Vitamin D!

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Fortnight started in 1 February 2016: Cures & Treatments
Benefits of Vitamin D in women's reproductive health
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
In our opinion we advise all women of childbearing age, to test the amount of vitamin D in the blood, and if they are deficient in this vitamin, which is essential for human health, they should take the necessary supplements with medical supervision.

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Fortnight started in 18 January 2016: Reuse & Eliminate
SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth)
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
If you feel discomfort, bloating and abdominal pain and in the evening you feel also increased abdominal size and you even need to unbutton your trousers, you may suffer from SIBO.

SIBO is the abnormal growth of bacteria in the small intestine, more than 100 000 bacteria/ml of intestinal fluid, and can be the cause of multiple health problems. These are similar to the bacteria which colonize the colon.

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Fortnight started in 9 November 2015: Disease & Symptoms
November 2: World Vitamin D Day
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Vitamin D deficiency affects the entire world population.

Take time to reflect on the amazing way the vitamin D benefits Human Health.

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Fortnight started in 27 April 2015: Improve & Optimize II
Brain aging and Vitamin D
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Vitamin D Miguel Damas
The preventative role of Vitamin D in the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease  is increasingly evident.
Science has made evident that vitamin D plays a central role in disease prevention, particularly neurological health.

The relationship between low levels of this vitamin, and cognitive decline, particularly Alzheimer's disease, opens the door to its use as a preventive method of the development of these disorders.

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Fortnight started in 8 December 2014: Myths & Trues
About vitamin D, the Sun’s Vitamin
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Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
There is no doubt about the role of sunlight in the appearance of life on Earth.

Vitamin D, the Vitamin of the sun, has allowed the development of the vertebrate skeleton increasingly complex, passing through the dinosaurs to the Humans.
But human health depends not only on Vitamin D. There are many factors involved in the maintenance of health that have to be in harmony: genetics, environment and lifestyle.

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Fortnight started in 3 December 2012: Beauty inside & out
Vitamin D: some concepts you need to know
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Vitamin D Cristina Sales

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the majority of people in industrialized countries, which is a big surprise for the public and for health professionals.

The vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased and more severe autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological and osteo-articular diseases.
Knowing your blood level of vitamin D is urgent!

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