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Pedro Moreira
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Three questions to...

Professor Pedro Moreira is Associate Professor of Human Food and Nutrition at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science of Porto University (Portugal). He has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition. He is a nutritionist with very active role in society and is involved in some research studies whose target are children.

With extensive experience on the subject, none better to answer some questions about mother’s diet and their influence on babies.

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In this fortnight: Motherhood & Fatherhood
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Vera Stejskal
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Three questions to...

Professor Vera Stejskal is a researcher and inventor of Melisa® test which assesses reactivity to metals.

Biology and chemistry are her areas of training and she is currently associate Professor of Immunology at University of Stockholm.
Professor Vera is a very active researcher, she has written numerous articles on metal allergy and gives frequent lectures. 

Aware of the consequences of the inflammatory reaction to metals, Vera Stejskal replied to our questions and we greatly appreciate it.

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Fortnight started in 14 January 2013: Start & Restart
Bento Amaral
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Three questions to...
Bento Amaral became a quadriplegic at age 25.
But he didn’t give up. He finished an academic course and built a successful career. He is a university professor and lecturer.
He continued practicing sports, was an olympic champion and set world records.
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Fortnight started in 5 November 2012: Cooking & Eating
Isabel Jonet from Portugal - leads 247 food banks in Europe
Three questions to... - Captions -  3
Three questions to...
Here we have the answers of 3 questions we made to Isabel Jonet (responsible for 247 food banks in Europe).
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