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Acute diarrhea - what to do?
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S.O.S Cristina Sales

During vacation and traveling, the risk of acute diarrhea increases significantly.

What should you do in case of acute diarrhea?
- Stop eating food.
- Prevent dehydration! Drink as many fluids as the diarrhea’s gravity demands.
- Rebalance the intestinal flora.
- Resume eating only when you feel hungry.

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Heavy legs: some tricks with miraculous results
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S.O.S Cristina Sales

 The heavy leg feeling is due to an excessive volume of venous blood or lymph fluid in the legs.
Avoiding heat sources, using below- knee stockings, practicing exercise and avoiding high-heels is very helpful.

But performing a thermic massage in the legs before sleeping and discrete muscle contraction exercises during the day can have miraculous results!

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Small burn? Green clay now!
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S.O.S Cristina Sales
Did you burn yourself by accident?

If that burn hasn´t taken off the skin, what should you do?
You need to put a paste made of green clay on the burn as soon as possible.

But if that burn has taken off the skin you should go and get medical treatment, also as soon as possible.

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