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Greek yogurt and lemon donuts (gluten free and low lactose)
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
Donuts can be healthier than you think, if you do it the right way. Check it!

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Creamy pasta with sautéed spinach, ricotta and walnuts
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
Check out this creamy spinach, ricotta and walnut pasta (without the cream).

Make yourself this healthy and tasty low FODMAP dish in less than 15 minutes!

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Fortnight started in 25 April 2016: Temporary & Definitive
Potato and pumkin gratin
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
These recipe is inspired by the very French Gratin Dauphinoise, typically made with thinly sliced and layered potatoes and cream.

But you know that when we see the word cream in a recipe, besides the calories, it usually has too much dairy, making it impossible to digest. For this low FODMAP gratin, I´ve created a light white sauce, inspired by the also very famous French béchamel sauce.

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Fortnight started in 28 March 2016: Near & Far away
Eggplant and herbed millet veggie burgers
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
I love homemade veggie burgers! They are tasty, filling and easy to put together. You just need to watch out for the right quantities to be able to hold everything together into beautiful patties. 

Besides vegetarian, these burgers also happen to be gluten free, lactose free and low FODMAP.

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Fortnight started in 29 February 2016: Welfare & Happiness
Tuna and Zucchini cakes
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
These mini cakes look a lot like the Portuguese codfish cakes (bolinhos de bacalhau in the North or pastéis de bacalhau in the South) but they´re not quite what they look. I must say that I inicially wanted to make some regular fish patties but then quickly remembered my Portuguese roots.

These cookies are very versatile: You can easily take them to work, have the dish for dinner with green salad or serve as appetizers. They are also gluten-free and low FODMAP.

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Fortnight started in 15 February 2016: Easy & Difficult
Coconut and lemon cookies
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
It's cookies time!These are gluten, dairy and egg free biscuits and they are also LOW FODMAP!

Try them!

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Fortnight started in 21 December 2015: Inside & Outside
Olive oil schortbread cookies with dark chocolate (gluten free, vegan)
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
They are easy to make but require patience and love, as the dough crumbles easily. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and to let the cookies cool down before dipping and wait again until chocolate solidifies.

I would say the biggest challenge was no to make these shortbreads dairy or gluten free, it was having to wait before eating (or should I say, devouring) them.

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Fortnight started in 23 November 2015: Light & Dark
Gluten free oven backed bread
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Recipes Joana Oliveira
"This is my first publication, and my intuition tells me that there's no better way to start than with a healthy diet, a recipe of a gluten-free bread that you can try and recreate according to your taste.

This is by far my favorite recipe and simply continues to amaze me all the time!"

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