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The road less traveled, Scott Peck
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Bestseller since 1978, "The road less traveled" is the most successful book by Scott Peck. This psychiatrist wrote this success, which is more than just a book of self-help, it is a transformative book. It shows us how to live the suffering of the change, teach us to learn that it is possible to achieve serenity and fullness in life. 

At some point in your life you will need to read it. When you think it makes sense - enjoy it!

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In this fortnight: Me & Not Me
Previous fortnight: Motherhood & Fatherhood
Alice in Wonderland
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

No other book is as creative and independent as Alice in Wonderland. Created impromptu by Lewis Carroll, the story has the young Alice Liddell as its main character.

A masterpiece of the English language, with extreme richness of language, full of puns and free associations, which create an amazing atmosphere, full of references.

Hence the importance of this version, as it not only keeps the original illustrations, but also has several notes that help you understand the text behind the text, the characters and the stories that originated this story.

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Fortnight started in 22 April 2013: Inflammation & Anti-inflammation
Barroque Cycle, Neal Stephenson
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

To help us lower inflammation of our days, nothing better than a good adventure story, picaresque, filled with humor, intelligence and an interest out of the ordinary.
The Baroque Cycle from Neal Stephenson is the ideal work for this.

This work is located in the beginning of Modern Time (second half of the seventeenth century), unites fiction with historical facts in the most entertaining way possible.
Follow the history through fictional characters and through other very real characters, some of them responsible for some of the most striking facts of science and politics of the beginning of a time that is now ours.

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Fortnight started in 25 March 2013: Intoxicate & Detoxify
“Under the volcano”, a Malcolm Lowry novel
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

There are books that cause "insight” and are able to dissect the soul and make us understand better what is within us, the ability for the best and for the worse behaviour. This is one of those books.

Unlike Dante, this is a journey into hell with no return, a visit to our deepest side. It is also a masterpiece on one of man’s most complex and older intoxications: alcohol.

"Under the Volcano" by Malcolm Lowry, is a complex work that, in Schopenhauer’s words: "you must read at least twice”.

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Fortnight started in 11 March 2013: Woman-25-50
Gifts from the Sea
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

A timeless piece, the forerunner of a whole movement, Gifts of the Sea Anne Morrow Lindbergh, has, since 1955, helped millions of people overcome their problems and look at the contemporary life of another woman form.

Written during a stay of two weeks alone on an island off the coast of Florida, reflecting while walking on the beach, collecting shells and developing ideas central to all our lives, Anne tells us about matters of the heart as valid today as in 1955.

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Fortnight started in 25 February 2013: Gluten & Gluten free
Gluten and gluten-free books
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

Bread has always been an object of rebellion. From Christ, the divisor of the loaves of bread, to Queen Isabel of the rose’s bread, we could not stop, in a theme that targets gluten,to talk about books with lots of gluten. So we don’t feel to bad, we join another book. This one is gluten free and delightful.

Dough and Gluten-Free Baking are two books you can not help to enjoy.

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Fortnight started in 11 February 2013: Love & Passion
Anna Karenina
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

Love is not a new thing at all. There has been proof of its existence for several millennia and some evensay that it can exist in animals or politicians. Not that the Count Alexei Karenin, politician husband of Anna blissful, can say it

Taking advantage of the fact that a new adaptation of the film is now in cinemas, we revisit one of the most beautiful and important books in the entire history of literature.

More to the point : read the book, it is far better than all the movies made to date based on the work.

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Fortnight started in 28 January 2013: Me & My home
Hungry Planet – What the World Eats
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Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

It is at home that the most important processes that rule our lives begin. It is in the family habits and in the day-to-day feeding of our children that we pass on life and health principles.
What do we need to eat, what do we eat, how much we spend? The answer varies with the world geographies, with the houses where we go in.

Between 2000 and 2006 the photographer Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio traveled to 24 countries, following 30 families from regions as diverse as Bhutan, France, Mali and the USA, to produce an exceptional work. They received the James Beard Foundation Book Award.

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Fortnight started in 14 January 2013: Start & Restart
eat, pray, love
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Read and Write

Elizabeth Gilbert, author and award-winning journalist from GQ and SPIN, was 34 years old when she discovered that her life was not perfect, and this is the starting point for one of the most fabulous experiences of a woman's life (among many) that gave body, voice and image to the book "Eat, Pray and Love".


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Fortnight started in 5 November 2012: Cooking & Eating
Jamie Oliver wrote...
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Read and Write
Jamie Oliver is a British chef, internationally known, not only for his amazing recipes, but also for his intense fight against "fake food”, and the excessive use of sugar and different food additives. Jamie Oliver strengthens the need to return to real food, cooked from natural ingredients, and highlights the importance of everyone knowing how to cook. This was one of the reasons that made us choose this author to begin our feature called "Someone wrote…”
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