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Which is the best after sun skin cream?
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Natural Beauty Luana Barbosa
Dry skin has no brightness, is rough and tends to flake off in small white layers. The skin with these characteristics causes some discomfort, but not enough to cause concern. It should be treated more seriously as a problem, if it causes cracks or infections.

To prevent dry skin after sun exposure you should do a correct hygiene which includes skin hydration with special moisturizers.

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In this fortnight: Vacations & Family II
Previous fortnight: Heat & Cold
Pamper your face with a cold anti-wrinkle mask and a hot maid
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Natural Beauty
Throughout the day, the skin of the face is exposed to a number of adverse factors, such as pollution, sunlight, air conditioning, among others. So that their impacts are less harmful, cleaning and treatment is an essential part.

Daily cleaning of the skin, often is not enough to remove all residue and prepare the skin for another journey.
So bet on facials.

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Fortnight started in 18 November 2013: Myths & Truths
To wash the skin, the more foam the better. Is it?
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Natural Beauty Cristina Sales
The skin is covered by a natural lipid film, essential to maintaining your health and beauty.

Prolonged baths and repeated washing with soap or cleansing gel with large capacity astringent capacity, which makes a lot of foam, remove the skin's natural protective lipid contributing to its dehydration, aging and greater likelihood of dermal diseases.

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Fortnight started in 4 November 2013: Vitality & Resilience
Making your own body butter!
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Natural Beauty

Your skin needs to be treated, well nourished and hydrated but not with products with artificial ingredients and harmful ingredients to your health.

So if you like making your own products, try this body butter suggestion, it takes only 3 ingredients and a mixer.

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Fortnight started in 26 August 2013: Land & Sea
Sea salt spray for hair
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Natural Beauty
Get natural waves anytime, without having to go to the beach, creating a homemade beach hair spray.

The real concept of these loose waves involves sea salt in the ocean, which is known to give that texture to the hair creating that "beach hair" with gentle waves that many of us like to have.

Let's learn how to do it!

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Fortnight started in 1 July 2013: Vitamins & Minerals
Healthy Hair in Summer
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Natural Beauty

During the summer, the hair tends to become dry and dehydrated because it is exposed to various aggressions such as UV rays, salt water, sand, chlorine pools, etc...

Unless we have specific care for the hair, we can begin having frizzy, dry and damaged hair.

Learn how to avoid these consequences and what precautions to take to remain healthy, nourished and hydrated.

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Fortnight started in 17 June 2013: Fresh & Salt Water
Dead Sea: skin health?
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Natural Beauty

The Dead Sea is located at the border of Jordan and Israel, it has a high salt concentration, as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium chloride.

People have visited the Dead Sea due to the fame of its healing properties. Today it is very common for spas, hotels, among others, to use beauty products derived from the Dead Sea.

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Fortnight started in 8 April 2013: Tots & Tykes
Do you know your skin’s food?
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Natural Beauty Organii

Did you know that in the first days of life infants come in contact with an average of 27 cosmetic products? Well, the idea is to leave the baby clean and smelling great, but unfortunately, not all cosmetics are good for your child's health!

If it is true that the Little Ones are more susceptible to harmful ingredients in cosmetics, the adults also have to worry about them. Several chemical and synthetic ingredients are tested for interfering in human health and, even when considered hazardous, may exist in small quantities.


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Fortnight started in 11 March 2013: Woman-25-50
Beauty and Nature
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Natural Beauty Silvia Paixão

Nature is our ally. Using only nature, it’s simple and easy to obtain ingredients; we can make our own toiletries and body care products. Fresh produce, truly natural,  to care and pamper our skin and respect the environment. These are more healthy and natural choices, but also more economic, using only ingredients that we all already have.

A scrub for cellulite with coffee leaves? Cider vinegar tonics? Hydrating vegetable oils? Green tea and sugar to exfoliate? Yes! These and other treats are very easy to make!

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Fortnight started in 25 February 2013: Gluten & Gluten free
Gluten in cosmetic and skin products… is the risk for real?
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Natural Beauty Daniela Seabra

Removing gluten from your life normally means to have caution about what you eat, and to have to think, not only on the ingredients chosen, but also on the way foods and foods products are prepared and cooked, in order to avoid crossed contaminations.

But is the issue "gluten” only related to the food we eat? Although the topic is still under discussion, the presence of gluten in cosmetic and skin products may actually be the cause of some problems.

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Fortnight started in 3 December 2012: Beauty inside & out
5 toxics in beauty products that I can avoid
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Natural Beauty Helena Santos
It's not just what we eat that affects our health. What we put on the skin of the whole body and hair, should also be carefully chosen. There is absorption through the skin and as such, we must make sure we are not putting substances on it that make us beautiful outside but not inside. We have the power to avoid compounds such as phthalates, heavy metals, parabens, formaldehyde and synthetic musks.

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