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6 benefits of walking you may not know
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Me and my body Helena Santos
Walking may seem a non-intense exercise. And if this is true, by comparison with other exercises, it is also true that daily walks bring many benefits to your health.

Did you know that? We help to unravel: it helps spend calories, promotes healthy aging, helps to strengthen your bones, improve your immune system and fight depressive states.

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In this fortnight: Active & Inactive
Previous fortnight: Body & Soul
Postures and soul states
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
We have all already realized that when we are sad and depressed, our body shows it, our posture is rolled, afflicted, unexciting.
When we're glad it's as if the body is open to the outside. We feel more confident, we have the head up, our back is straight and our shoulders are pulled back.

What you may not know is that the our posture also influences our moods or soul states.

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Fortnight started in 15 September 2014: Improve & Optimize
Children and adolescents: running and jumping is crucial
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
Bone is a living tissue, in constant remodeling and adaptation to mechanical stress. The osteocyte, a bone cell, is the primary mechanic-receptor and plays a key role in the adjustment and repair of micro trauma of the bones.
It is the mechanical stimulation of bone which causes it to improve its structure, and doing physical activity with impact is essential for that. This type of activity exercised in childhood and adolescence, prevents future weak and demineralized bones with fracture risk. The gymnastics, the races and sports with jumps are highly recommended in these age groups.

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Fortnight started in 17 February 2014: Foods & Supplements
Food and creams - allies against cellulite!
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Me and my body
Not all products that fight cellulite are already known, this works the same way in all people.
Results vary greatly from person to person due to their genetics, the exercise they do, the type of food, type of creams they use and when they use them.
Today we will talk about the essentials of cellulite combat foods, and finally recommend a homemade cream so you can use every day in the fight against "orange peel" skin.
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Fortnight started in 3 February 2014: Body & Mind
Yoga benefits body and mind
Me and my body - Captions -  4
Me and my body Sofia Baptista
The practice of yoga benefits our health, involving physical postures, breathing/meditation or relaxation techniques.

People who practice yoga maintain good health and well-being, improve your physical fitness, relieve stress and improve quality of life. Furthermore, you can treat specific health conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, anxiety, and many more others.

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Fortnight started in 30 December 2013: Yes & No
Wallets, purses, bags and ants
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
Women are like ants: permanently loaded with things for the house and for themselves, they want to carry the world on the wallet/bag/purse and want to have everything that can be missed at any time.

This habit is often costly since it creates changes in posture, balance and movement, resulting in muscle pain of the shoulder or of the spine that incapacitates and causes suffering. To prevent this from happening you need to say yes to some things and not to others.

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Fortnight started in 15 July 2013: Vacations & Family
Healthy holidays
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
The correct way to pack the suitcase, the way we lay on the beach or bathe in the sea/pool can help to prevent the emergence of various problems in the holidays.

Here we leave some advice on how to not spoil your vacation period.

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Don´t let traveler's diarrhea spoil your holidays
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Me and my body Helena Santos

A trip can be ruined by "traveler's diarrhea". This includes not only diarrhea but abdominal discomfort, indigestion, flatulence and frequent stomach aches. If you are traveling with children or elderly your care should redouble.

Do not use ice, eat preferably cooked food but attention to buffets, avoid eggs and sauces. See our other suggestions. Make your trip memorable for the right reasons.

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Fortnight started in 17 June 2013: Fresh & Salt Water
How to choose my sunscreen
Me and my body - Captions -  8
Me and my body Helena Santos

Daily sun exposure in not dangerous hours enables us to produce vitamin D. But at some point the solar radiation is strongest and the best possible protection is not to sunbathe! But it is not always possible to hide from the sun so we must know how to choose the appropriate sunscreen.

When choosing, one should be prefer: sunscreen with zinc or titanium, without oxybenzone, vitamin A or insect repellent. It should be water proof, as a cream rather than spray and should be reapplied as needed.

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We are made of water and we come from water!
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
The therapeutic effects of water, either fresh or salt have long been known.

The benefits to the muscle-skeletal, respiratory and circulatory system are uncontested and hydrotherapy treatments are being increasingly sought.

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Fortnight started in 3 June 2013: Traveling & Meet
Traveling with safety, comfort and health: know our tricks
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Me and my body Luzia Alves

Traveling by car, plane, train or boat requires sitting, sometimes for long hours.

It is very important to do it correctly to avoid pain.

Wearing  appropriate clothing and footwear allows for the trip to be a a pleasure and not a torture.

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Fortnight started in 20 May 2013: Motherhood & Fatherhood
The Hypopressive Method: abdominal gymnastics of the XXI century
Me and my body - Captions -  11
Me and my body Miryam Sáez

The Hypopressive method emerged in the 80s through Dr Marcel Caufriez. It is a method that includes various hypopressive techniques with postures and movements which help to achieve the reduction of pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities.

Its use benefits health, athletic performance and can also bring benefits in terms of aesthetics.

In preparation for childbirth, hypopressive gymnastics should be applied by pregnant women at the time of labor, to favor the intensity of uterine contractions - which leads to a reduction of labor time and shorter expulsive period.

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