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3 Myths about carbohydrates you should know
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Foods with carbohydrates are for many people their favorite foods. And so are also foods that sometimes lead to big discussions in the food and nutrition field.

Did you know that sugar is not only bad because it provides empty calories? That not only celiac patients should restrict gluten and low carb diets can even be beneficial?

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In this fortnight: Eat & Relax
Previous fortnight: Female Health
Get rid of candida albicans: 5 foods that can help
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Candida albicans is a yeast existing in our intestinal flora which can produce substances that may have high toxicity, changing and disturbing the overall body function.

It is common in cases of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease), irritable bowel syndrome, recurrent depression, chronic fatigue, autism spectrum disorders. Extreme tiredness can be synonymous of a candida proliferation.

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Fortnight started in 28 March 2016: Near & Far away
Optimizing our power stations: The mitochondrias
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Healthy me Filomena Vieira
The older you are the less mitochondria you have and less energy we produce.
How can we contribute to the proper functioning of this mini factories, immediately and with amazing results?

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Fortnight started in 14 March 2016: Foods & Medicines
These are not medications, but must be seen as such!
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Healthy me Helena Santos
The drugs/medicines are taken in the correct way because we want the symptoms to go away fast! But with regard to health prevention we are not always available to act!

Did you know that healthy eating, relaxation, exercise and good humor should be on your "to do” daily list? Rethink these 4 points and include them in your everyday life, for the sake of your health!

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Fortnight started in 9 November 2015: Disease & Symptoms
4 symptoms of a unnourished brain
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Healthy me Helena Santos
All the organs are important, but we can say that the brain is the most important in determining our quality of life. We must nourish it always very well, so it can work as good as you want and be able to keep us active and happy for a long time!

If you recognize yourself in some of the symptoms described herein, consult a health care professional and take action now!

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Fortnight started in 26 October 2015: In & Out
What fatigue and uncontrollable cravings for sweets have in common?
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Healthy me Filomena Vieira
Stimulants Cycle

What makes some anxious people to feel an irresistible urge to eat sweets?
What could be the relationship of prolonged stress with susceptibility to disease?
And what is the underlying physiological mechanism?

If you really need to consume high doses of caffeine to start the day and you do not sleep well, you should analyze the cortisol biorhythm.

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We advise you NOT to commit these five mistakes!
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Much has been written and spoken about food and although the concept of healthy eating can vary from person to person, there are certain mistakes that hurt us all.

Although there are more, find at least 5 mistakes!

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Fortnight started in 12 October 2015: Always & Sometimes
3 foods you should eat every day
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Fruits and vegetables we all know should be eaten every day and with variety. But there are other foods that should also be part of the daily diet. Consider these three examples!

Do you eat them already every day? Nuts, legumes and oat!

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Fortnight started in 28 September 2015: Know & Learn
6 healthy foods with carbohydrates
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Much is said about "low carb" diets and about decreasing carbohydrate intake, but these are necessary and we cannot escape them entirely. The quantities will of course be different from one person to another.

Learn which are the options that you can, without guilt, keep in your diet to benefit your health!

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Fortnight started in 14 September 2015: Get back to school
Your mouth writes cheques that your brain can’t cash
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Healthy me Daniela Seabra
Your brain is getting old and it is not as it used to be or are you simply consuming food products that impair your brain function? Our brain needs certain conditions to be able to operate fully.

When you choose to eat the wrong fat, nutritionally poor foods and too much sugar, your brain may not be able to have the performance you need, just because of "lack of material."

Know the most common food mistakes.

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10 ways to improve your child's breakfast (or yours)
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Healthy me Helena Santos
White bread and milk or milk and flakes are the preferred breakfast of many children, but these are nutritionally poor examples. For a healthy return to school you can make small changes to improve the first meal of the day.

We give 10 improvement suggestions, just follow one daily and repeat very often.

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Fortnight started in 31 August 2015: Stop & Restart
5 foods that you should not have at home
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Healthy me Helena Santos
We do not want you to be exaggerated; there is room for all foods if you use those which are unhealthy only occasionally. But in your home, surround yourself only by what is healthy!

Get started by eliminating from your shopping list five foods that may be harming your health (and your family’s too)!

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