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Algae - Have you tried these super foods?
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
There are foods that are good for us, and there are others considered as super-foods given the benefits they can give us - chlorella and spirulina are examples.
These are single-celled organisms and are therefore invisible to the naked eye. Only the large colonies that form in water are visible. 

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Is it better to eat sardine than eating salmon?
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Healthy eating Gisela Carrilho
We all know that fish is good, especially the richest in omega-3. But there is another side, which we also have to speak about: the risks. And these are mainly related to contaminants. Not all fish have the same levels of contaminants, including methylmercury.

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Lose weight in the most natural way
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Pineapple diet, sap diet, color diet, ... the list is endless. But the best thing to do is to forget about the word diet and start the more natural food plan you can, with a minimum of industrialized and refined products and obviously join the essential physical activity.

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Fortnight started in 20 June 2016: Male Health
Relaxing is really important to control what you eat!
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Stress makes us have more hunger and therefore, a key point if you want to control your appetite, be healthier and to lose weight is: relax! Even before changing your diet learn to relax!

For many it may be the hardest part and therefore check with us why is it so important to relax and how can you start!

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Fortnight started in 29 February 2016: Welfare & Happiness
6 nutritional strategies to be always in a good mood
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Many are the factors that influence mood, but food is certainly one of these factors, either on the day or in a long-term basis. If you eat or not breakfast, drink too much caffeine or less water than you should or even if you deprive yourself too much of certain foods - these are some of the points that influence your mood and can make you have a bad day. 

Eat well and turn your days into happy ones!

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Fortnight started in 15 February 2016: Easy & Difficult
10 tips for a healthy and cheaper diet
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and eating healthy does not mean eating until you feel you have eaten too much.

So with some organization you can have a balanced diet and this does not mean that you have to spend much more money at the grocery store.

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Fortnight started in 1 February 2016: Cures & Treatments
Your food is your medicine!
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
"Your food is your medicine" - that is probably the most often mentioned phrase when talking about healthy eating and the impact that food has on our health. But even so, healthy foods are not always abundant in everyone’s diet and there are few people who use foods to enhance our health.

But the truth is that many of our chronic diseases are directly or indirectly associated with our eating habits.

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Fortnight started in 18 January 2016: Reuse & Eliminate
5 foods you will not want to have in your home II
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
We do not need  some foods at all and we could dismiss them and never buy them anymore.

Sausages, cereal bars, sunflower oil, crab sticks and white chocolate are some examples that you do not need to have at home. Learn why and start the year in a healthy way.

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Fortnight started in 4 January 2016: Small & Big
Do you want to be healthy when you grow up? Start in childhood!
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
While we age different health problems appear: joint pain, the brain is no longer what it was, the energy levels are being increasingly smaller, among other ailments. With the advance of medical knowledge, life expectancy has increased significantly, but for many, life expectancy in the absence of disease has decreased a lot!

Different experts have revealed some of the reasons that have led us to lose part of our quality of life.

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Fortnight started in 23 November 2015: Light & Dark
For a healthy grilled food, keep these points in mind
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Just because something is grilled it is automatically healthy? No!
It is necessary to take into account various aspects such as the possibility of formation of carcinogenic compounds, the addition (or not) of fat, the kind of food we are grilling and which kind of foods we are eating together.

Grilling can be healthy, but under some circumstances!

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Fortnight started in 16 March 2015: Most Viewed
Top 3: the best and worst sweeteners
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Healthy eating Helena Santos

The "sweet” taste is loved by almost all humanity and the search for sweeteners that could somehow circumvent the evils of sugar is an endless quest. The variety of sweeteners nowadays is huge and it is difficult to know how to choose.

We present our top 3 of the best and worst sweeteners but remember that all should be used sparingly. There is not a perfect substitute, but if you use them in moderation you can have access to very sweet moments without guilt!

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Fortnight started in 8 December 2014: Myths & Trues
Does being a vegetarian make you lose weight?
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Many vegetarians have a normal weight. But does the absence of animal products in the diet means that you will lose weight?

It is true that a balanced vegetarian diet can help decrease inflammation and lowers the risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

But being a vegetarian can include foods like fried products, vegetable lasagna, chocolate cake, strawberry ice cream, bread, rice, pasta, juices, wines, ... Maybe being vegetarian is not as good for your weight as it may seem. At least if you continue to make unhealthy choices.

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