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Holidays in destinations with a high temperature? Know what to wear!
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Fashion and Health
Is light but tight clothing the best for hot weather because it absorbs sweat? Or are loose and dark clothes better choices? Or maybe the type of clothes does not make a difference in the heat we feel. Yes it does!

The clothes we wear can help us to cool faster and to feel well almost all day.
Learn what should be your choice. But also do not forget to drink plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun in peak hours.

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Choose and treat well your bikini, bathing suit or shorts
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Fashion and Health

Being fashionable also applies on the beach because there is a huge variety of bikinis, tankinis, bathing suits, shorts. The patterns, colors, models are almost endless. Some people like to keep the same bikini/shorts all summer and others like to change daily.

The most important thing is that you feel good about your choice and have some health care in mind: make a daily wash of your bikini with detergent, pay attention to less tanned areas to avoid sunburn and choose bikinis of more sustainable or recycled materials like bamboo or organic cotton.

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