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How to live with someone messy!
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Family Sofia Baptista

There are people who love being in a clean and simple environments. They often feel a constant need to keep things clean and organized , especially when it is their own home

On the other hand, we have people who are more prone to confusion, who do not care and even feel good when they are in completely messy spaces .

What to do when sharing the same space ?

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In this fortnight: Me & My Home 2
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Resilient children, resilient adults!
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Family Sofia Baptista

Adversity is a natural part of life and protect our children against all unexpected painful events of life is not possible.

At some point, we all face difficulties. Knowing how to be resilient is important to deal with adversity.

Successfully face difficult situations, can actually promote growth and develop in children the skills to be more resilient in the future.

Here are five important tips for promoting resilience of your children.

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Fortnight started in 9 September 2013: Food & Company
Television: the worst company of family meals?
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Family Sofia Baptista
Being together as a family and turn off the television during meals are two ways in which parents can encourage their children to make healthy food choices, develop communication, discover and share their interests, values and actions.

With the television on it becomes impossible.

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Fortnight started in 15 July 2013: Vacations & Family
Kids in the kitchen: know where to start!
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Family Helena Santos

Cooking together is a way to spend quality time with kids.

It also helps them to more easily like new foods and is a way to develop skills such as organization or group work. Start on a cheerful day, because if you are cross, maybe you should choose another day to try this activity.

If it is a success, you can make this a recurring family activity! Kids will love it and don’t forget to use fruits and vegetables!
Know how to start!

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Fortnight started in 19 November 2012: Sleep & Sleeping
The children and their sleep: tips to improve nights
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Childhood insomnia affects about 14% of children, and in most cases it is a recurring insomnia, due to not having been taught proper sleep habits. Sleep is important to the child's routine, in order to achieve balance at various levels. Here are

Children who sleep a sufficient number of hours, perform better and show fewer behavior problems and irritability. If the child goes to bed late or is not sleeping enough, the next day she will be nervous, tired, moody and apathetic. With this in mind, here are some tips.

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Fortnight started in 5 November 2012: Cooking & Eating
Learn the advantages of eating with your family
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Sharing the table with our loved ones contributes to health and joy, stimulating the development and learning of children and adolescents, developing their vocabulary and it influences a good school performance. But not only this…
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