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Do you know how to save water?
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Not only because your wallet thanks you but because we need more and more sustainability actions, we remember that water starts to dwindle throughout the world and we must save it!

See our suggestions, make sure you already apply some of these actions and if you don’t, start today!

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In this fortnight: Fresh & Salt Water
Previous fortnight: Motherhood & Fatherhood
Being a father and mother: a challenge of sustainability
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Eco Sónia Da Veiga

Being a Mother/Father is something that deserves much deliberation because it is not just about putting more young lives in the world or embracing those that already exist but need family, leaving it as it was before: these lives will touch thousands of other lives during their existence and possibly beyond, as a drop of water falling into a large lake, influencing the whole mass with the ripples it creates.


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Fortnight started in 25 March 2013: Intoxicate & Detoxify
The use of coffee grounds to produce a valuable food
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Eco Gumelo

Currently, the production of quality food should be associated with sustainable production, making their consumption an act of reduced environmental impact.
are a high nutritional value food that should be easily reached with quality by all families. Given the specificity of these organisms, its cultivation is usually dependent on processes that require a lot of energy and chemical additives.

We present an alternative and sustainable mushrooms production method that does not have high energy costs nor uses any additive, resulting in a healthy functional and ecological food.

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Fortnight started in 11 February 2013: Love & Passion
Bioconstruction, love by nature
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Eco Catarina Pinto

Bioconstruction uses natural materials such as straw, earth, wood, cork, among others. It favours the development of humanity as it promotes harmony, health and sustainability. It creates comfortable spaces that respect and connect us to nature. It manages resources, establishes a favourable relationship with the place, uses environmentally friendly materials and spaces where we truly feel good!

It is a form of construction that intervenes in the natural environment with sensitivity and love.

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Fortnight started in 28 January 2013: Me & My home
Natural finishings
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Eco Catarina Pinto

The indoor environment that surrounds us should only use healthy and environmentally friendly materials allowing a natural environment with decorative wealth and good air quality. Natural plaster made of lime an clay, ecological varnishes and natural paints, allow us to achieve healthy, naturally and beautiful environments, with rich textures and beautiful nuances.

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Ecological Cleaners, why are they a best choice for me and for the environment?
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Eco Helena Santos

When we clean something we enjoy a properly done task because cleaning implies to remove undesired dirt (from the plates, from the floor, from different surfaces,…).

However, if the used cleaning products have unwanted compounds, these will remain on the surfaces we clean, on our skin and in wastewater. Ammonia and formaldehyde are examples of substances which you must not have in your cleaning products!

Prefer the biodegradable and natural ones!

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Fortnight started in 19 November 2012: Sleep & Sleeping
What do you need to know in order to sleep comfortably while respecting the environment
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Eco Daniela Seabra
When we think of going to sleep, the image of our ideal bed appears to us immediately. A comfortable mattress, soft linens and the perfect pillow, and we can still imagine the place and noises that would involve our sleep. But we are also thinking on the planet? Can we have our perfect sleep, and at the same time make it sustainable and healthy?  Continue reading
Fortnight started in 5 November 2012: Cooking & Eating
Cook and eat without polluting
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Eco Helena Santos
There are several ways of being environmentally/world friendly and our relationship with food is one of those ways. Learn how to decrease your ecological footprint through food.

The ecological footprint is an indicator that helps us to understand whether or not we are wearing more natural capital of the world through the way we live. To cultivate our vegetables, buy local products or reduce waste in our house, are just some examples of how we can be more sustainable through food!  Continue reading