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Always have a book
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Conscious Me Paula Costa
Resting with a good book can be a very captivating way to occupy a few hours of our vacations and promote attitudes of silence and body-mind balance. 

Reading is an act of discovery that arouses emotions, thoughts and constant learning. When we are involved in this activity our curiosity has no limits.

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In this fortnight: Stop & Think
Previous fortnight: Body & Mind
Art - Therapy for body and mind
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
Art therapy brings what the unconscious has registered. It is by the colors, shapes and expressions that the person can better understand itself and his or hers most hidden emotions.

Just pick up crayons, colouring pencils, watercolor, puppets to role play, plus many more other features. It is not necessary to know how to draw or have any familiarity with art; the process is only a means to expose the emotions.

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Fortnight started in 20 January 2014: Conventional & Complementary
Psychotherapy - what is it?
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista

Psychotherapy is a psychological intervention based on scientific knowledge of psychological functioning.

Allows one to understand what can help to feel positive, negative, or anxious (among others), as well as to accept their strengths and more limiting characteristics.

When people can identify their feelings, their thinking and their behavior, it becomes possible to adapt better and cope more positively and effectively with difficult situations in their lives.

It's time to know this therapy so that you can benefit from all that psychotherapy has to offer

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Fortnight started in 30 December 2013: Yes & No
Learn to say no!
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
The difficulty to say no, leads us often to prioritize the needs of others over ours.
We should just say yes when the task is feasible, when is within our responsibility, or also because we like it and want to do it.

But if we always answer yes to all requests, then it's time to change, without feeling guilty. Otherwise, besides not being genuine with yourself, you will spend energy, patience and endure unnecessary stress.

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Fortnight started in 7 October 2013: Studying & Learning 2
Meditation improves school performance?
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
Those who do meditation benefit from better physical, emotional and mental  health.

Science has proven the physical benefits, allowing the practice of meditation to be implemented in schools.
A few minutes of meditation can develop in students and teachers a sense of calm and peace of mind that benefits your physical and emotional health.

Come and see the benefits!

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Fortnight started in 26 August 2013: Land & Sea
Three Reasons why seawater is good for your wellbeing
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Conscious Me
Do you know that the sound of the sea has the ability to alter our brain waves, and leave it in a deeply relaxed state?
If you keep this habit, it can be a good way to help rejuvenate your body and mind.

Come and learn more!

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Fortnight started in 12 August 2013: Night & Day
8 consequences of sleep deprivation
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
Lack of sleep makes you snappy and grumpy, can affect your sex life, memory, health, appearance and even the ability to lose weight.

Meet 8 amazing - and serious - effects of sleep loss.

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Fortnight started in 1 July 2013: Vitamins & Minerals
How does food affect emotions?
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
It has long been suspected that the relative abundance of specific nutrients can affect cognitive processes and emotions.
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Fortnight started in 17 June 2013: Fresh & Salt Water
Fear of water
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Conscious Me Sofia baptista
Hydrophobia is a quite common phobia and it is characterized by excessive or unreasonable fear of water.
Some people are afraid when they see bodies of water with strong tides, or afraid to go in the sea, while others tremble when looking at pools and spas.
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Fortnight started in 3 June 2013: Traveling & Meet
Traveling slow: the real pleasure of traveling
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Conscious Me Sofia Baptista

Have you ever had the feeling that more you could enjoy more the trip you just did? Or do you have to go back to a place to learn more?
There are many travel alternatives that offer the greatest number of sights to see everything in a short space of time, giving the feeling of seeing too much. But if we are to scrutinize this knowledge ... just bring! Numbers and tourists are not experiences. We seem slaves of our own holiday.

We live in a culture of speed, excess and quantity over quality.
For this we present the alternative of the future: Traveling Slow


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Traveling alone-create history
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Conscious Me Paula Costa

Life is a journey designed itself for other trips (internal and external) that promote pleasure, discoveries and knowledge. Traveling is a necessity! And why?

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Fortnight started in 22 April 2013: Inflammation & Anti-inflammation
Stress and depression can affect inflammation?
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Conscious Me

Living with a psychological problem for a long time can facilitate the development of inflammatory diseases.

We will understand how depression and stress can be linked to inflammation.

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