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Functional Nutrition: much more than counting calories!
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Complementary Therapies Helena Santos
The profession of dietitian/nutritionist is strongly linked to overweight/obesity. And if it is true that nutritional counseling is essential in obesity, it is also true that nutrition is much more comprehensive.

Prevention and treatment of disease and optimization of health are possible with the help of functional nutrition.

To make clear the true and current role of nutrition in health, let us present you the concept of Functional Nutrition.

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Melatonin: the fairy of the night!
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Complementary Therapies Cristina Sales
Melatonin rises at dusk and regulates all our biorhythms.

Induces sleep; regulates hormonal system; balances the immune system; has a very important antioxidant effect in the brain; prevents and helps to treat loss of cognitive function and dementia; participates in energy balance and increases male fertility.

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