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Five dangers you probably have at home
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At home Helena Santos

Our home can have dangers that are very easy to remove but we are not aware of their existence. Did you know that stains on the wall are fungi that can cause allergies? Or did you know that aromatic candles have compounds that may be causing you harm?

Be aware of the five dangers that you can eliminate from your home today!

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Making bread at home is not a rocket science!
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At home Helena Santos
Bread made with wheat, rye, gluten, eggs, gluten-free, wheat-free, ... the list is huge because there are endless ways of making bread.

The most basic way to do it is very simple and can be done in our homes, either with the aid of a bread machine or with the oven.

Flour, water and yeast are the minimum ingredients. You may need more ingredients if you wish different types of bread.

Let’s see how it is simple! Try it today in your home, make your own bread!
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Treating minor wounds - have the basics at home
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At home Cristina Sales

Treating minor wounds - have the basics at home.

At home, the basic material for treating minor uncomplicated wounds should always be ready and available.

We teach you how to be the case and the nature of the basic material to be able to treat wounds in their home.

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In this fortnight: Me & My Home 2
Previous fortnight: Me & My home
One house, your house
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At home

It is a fact that the style of the house that you live in, as well as its appearance and the objects that fill it affect your sensitivity, your mood and your motivation.

So your choices are not only based on aesthetic concepts, but also on rules of wellness and happiness.

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Tips to make your home more sustainable
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At home Helena Santos

Half the heating and cooling of our home, escapes through the walls, windows, floor or ceiling of the respective rooms. Have you ever thought about that? A house that wastes energy unnecessarily is not a sustainable home.

The type of materials that our home has, can allow it to be more or less environmentally friendly. Curiously, even the paints used may be harming the air we breathe. Fortunately, the evolution of technology has presented us with equipment that can effectively help us to have a sustainable home! It's in our hands!

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Electromagnetic radiation: is your home safe?
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At home Cristina Sales

Micro-Waves, Oven, Cell-phones, the new tablets, remote controls, wireless connections, fridges and freezers, head lamps, air-conditioning, elevators, central vacuum cleaning system, lightning rod cables, etc. are example of low level radiation emitters.

All of those can be the trigger to innumerous health diseases, from irritability to sleeping disorders, or neurologic and heart illlness, even cancer .

Let’s see how little house changes and habits can do a lot for you and your health!

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Feel good at home: the art of Feng Shui will make a difference
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At home

Your home ambience can be improved with the application of certain rules of Feng Shui.
Actions like cleaning; organizing and creating space for movement; get rid of unnecessary stuff; keep the walls painting, coatings and equipment in perfect conditions; change the harmony between light and colors or fill empty corners are just some examples.

It will be worth to correct and rearrange your home space in order to have more harmony and well-being!

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Fortnight started in 31 December 2012: Give & Receive
Indoor air pollution: a silent and invisible danger
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At home
Did you know that the air in our homes can be more polluted than the air in the street of a big city?

Candles, incense and air fresheners with artificial flavorings, cleaners, pesticides, insecticides and dry clean clothes are some of the examples that can hide and transport the fearsome volatile organic compounds to our house. These compounds are spread in the air we breathe and are associated with degenerative and endocrine diseases and even cancer.

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Orchid: Learn the secrets to buy well and care even better
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At home
The option to decorate our house with living potted flowering plants has many benefits for our day-to-day. It is a wise choice: more friendly and sustainable environmentally. Plants develop our awareness of "the other" and our ability to care for and transmit to our home environment a great vitality.

Orchids are perhaps the best of all choices.
They are undemanding and easy to care for. If we know and respect some of their secrets, we can offer wonderful flowers for several months, twice a year.

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Bonsai - buy and offer with knowledge
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At home
Bonsai are miniature trees.

To keep them beautiful and full of vitality, they need to live in an environment with natural sunlight, and that respects the variations in temperature and humidity of the 4 seasons. The watering, nutrition of the earth, the pruning and monitoring of their welfare requires that you dedicate them some minutes a day.
Can you offer these conditions? Then buy a bonsai! It will be a very rewarding experience.

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