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Parenthood and fertility
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

In the biological context, motherhood and fatherhood are the result of the realization of the perpetuation of the species. Without reproduction, the species would become extinct.

The reproduction of domestic animals is easy sometimes but other times extremely difficult
; sometimes with frustration, sometimes with surprise! But, because luck can be made there are a set of factors that impact on fertility and which we can and should consider: the general state of health, body condition, nutrition and stress.

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In this fortnight: Motherhood & Fatherhood
Previous fortnight: Inflammation & Anti-inflammation
Inflammation: how to avoid the problem
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia
Inflammation is a physiological mechanism which, although necessary, in certain circumstances becomes a problem and not the solution!
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Fortnight started in 8 April 2013: Tots & Tykes
Oxidative stress of animal´s lifes
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

A fundamental requirement for the existence of life is to obtain energy.
The cells of animals in their cytoplasm have a structure that acts as a reactor for energy production in mitochondria.
During mitochondrial activity free radicals are produced, which in certain circumstances, cause oxidative stress to cells.

And the animals?
Can it also cause them oxidative stress?
Under what circumstances?

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Fortnight started in 25 March 2013: Intoxicate & Detoxify
The importance of food in animal health
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

Feeding occurs daily in the lives of animals, contributing to their survival. It is a protective factor for health, but unfortunately sometimes acts as a risk factor.

Obesity, leanness, vomiting, diarrhea, pruritus, dermatitis and coprophagy are some examples of situations whose causes may be food related.

It is important to ensure that the diet of our animals is adapted to the species, breed, age and physiological condition. You should also monitor for the emergence of some changes that could be signs of diseases originating in food.

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Fortnight started in 11 March 2013: Woman-25-50
Animals: how female species have particularities
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

In dioecious species, one individual produces only one type of gametes, the sperm producing males and females eggs. Although different, both males and females are part of a whole in perpetual motion, demand continued survival of the species.
However, differences exist also among females.

We will devote our attention to some peculiarities of the reproductive physiology of the dog, the cat and the mare.

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Fortnight started in 25 February 2013: Gluten & Gluten free
Gluten and pets
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

Livestock feed often contains gluten. Thus, questions arise such as:

What is the origin of gluten in animal nutrition?
How can we identify its presence in foods?
Was the substance introduced exclusively by man, or did some species eat it before domestication?
And can gluten be related to some diseases in animals?

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Fortnight started in 11 February 2013: Love & Passion
Do animals love?
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

Do animals, particularly mammals, have the capacity for love?
May there be aspects of neurophysiology of love in humans, which are common to other animals?
Is Love, the most human of feelings, our exclusive?
A small contribution to help find the answer to these questions.

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Fortnight started in 28 January 2013: Me & My home
The Man's Best Friend: Secrets to educate your dog
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Animals and company Hugo Roby

The education of our dog is the key to having a healthy and pleasant acquaintanceship.

The dog breed influences the education that the animal must have and the main key learnings should start right at the breeder: where to defecate, to sit down, go to the owner when he calls ... It’s important to give the dog the opportunity to socialize as much as possible with as many different kinds of living beings. So we should enhance positive and quiet experiences.

The opinion of Hugo Roby, canine educator and animal trainer will unveil some secrets.


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It may not be lack of education?
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

Such like us, animals also live situations that cause changes in their routines, these are reflected in their habits and are sometimes classified as "a lack of education". Under these circumstances we must ask the following question: why did it happen?

There are behavioral changes that result from the animal's answer to endogenous changes as well as exogenous. They aren’t problems of education, although they may become a problem, which is why we need to recognize them, so that the measures taken are appropriate, contributing to the happy resolution of these apparent "lacks of education".

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Fortnight started in 14 January 2013: Start & Restart
Education: language of love
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

A relationship with an animal is an opportunity to live healthily a set of feelings and emotions, for this to happen you need a balanced education of the animal.
Education has ups and downs and is a demonstration of love, you should consider some aspects, such as the species, breed, age and sex, the space available and the family atmosphere, the food, and hygiene habits.

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Fortnight started in 31 December 2012: Give & Receive
An animal in our life, where to start?
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Animals and company Maria João Baldaia
About 13,000 years ago, we began something that became a huge adaptive advantage for our species: the domestication of animals. This exceeded the limits of immediate survival, because those animals began to help us live the fullness of feelings and emotions, that we consider attributes of humanity.
If the time has come for you to have an animal in your life, then we would like to contribute positively to "Your power to think and decide" through a five point process: "Do I really want an animal?", Species, breed, age and origin.

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Fortnight started in 17 December 2012: Studying & Learning
Learning with animals - Hands and feet reconciled
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Animals and company

Animals have long been considered man's best friends, but did you know they could be much more than friends? Did you know that they are able to improve our health and quality of life?

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