2016-04 -

Vitamin D effective in reducing migraine attacks
2016-04 -  -  1
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Migraines or headaches afflict a big part of the population, and conventional medication does not work satisfactorily.

Some studies warn of the relationship between migraines and deficiency in vitamin D.

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Glyphosate – The herbicide most used all around the world is carcinogenic
2016-04 -  -  2
Organic / Bio backyard Margarida Silva & Jorge Ferreira
The World Health Organization, through its specialized structure IARC - International Agency for Research on Cancer based in France, declared glyphosate (along with other organophosphate pesticides) as "probably carcinogenic for humans."

This rating means that there is sufficient scientific evidence to prove that glyphosate causes cancer in laboratory animals and that there are also direct evidence for the same effect in humans, although more limited.

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What are the products I should buy organic?
2016-04 -  -  3
Shopping list Helena Santos
To the question "What should I buy Bio"? The answer I give is "everything"! But in fact, for various reasons we end up not being able to do that.

Anyway, we can suggest some foods that should be given priority when you choose what to buy organic.
Apples, peaches, strawberries, celery, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, dairy and meat should be on your priority list.

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Fortnight started in 28 March 2016: Near & Far away
Optimizing our power stations: The mitochondrias
2016-04 -  -  4
Healthy me Filomena Vieira
The older you are the less mitochondria you have and less energy we produce.
How can we contribute to the proper functioning of this mini factories, immediately and with amazing results?

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