2016-03 -

Eggplant and herbed millet veggie burgers
2016-03 -  -  1
Recipes Joana Oliveira
I love homemade veggie burgers! They are tasty, filling and easy to put together. You just need to watch out for the right quantities to be able to hold everything together into beautiful patties. 

Besides vegetarian, these burgers also happen to be gluten free, lactose free and low FODMAP.

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In this fortnight: Near & Far away
Previous fortnight: Foods & Medicines
Is Vitamin D a specific medicine?
2016-03 -  -  2
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Drugs containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins may be considered specific.
There is a vitamin that almost all of us need to take: Vitamin D!

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These are not medications, but must be seen as such!
2016-03 -  -  3
Healthy me Helena Santos
The drugs/medicines are taken in the correct way because we want the symptoms to go away fast! But with regard to health prevention we are not always available to act!

Did you know that healthy eating, relaxation, exercise and good humor should be on your "to do” daily list? Rethink these 4 points and include them in your everyday life, for the sake of your health!

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Fortnight started in 29 February 2016: Welfare & Happiness
6 nutritional strategies to be always in a good mood
2016-03 -  -  4
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Many are the factors that influence mood, but food is certainly one of these factors, either on the day or in a long-term basis. If you eat or not breakfast, drink too much caffeine or less water than you should or even if you deprive yourself too much of certain foods - these are some of the points that influence your mood and can make you have a bad day. 

Eat well and turn your days into happy ones!

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