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Tuna and Zucchini cakes
2016-02 -  -  1
Recipes Joana Oliveira
These mini cakes look a lot like the Portuguese codfish cakes (bolinhos de bacalhau in the North or pastéis de bacalhau in the South) but they´re not quite what they look. I must say that I inicially wanted to make some regular fish patties but then quickly remembered my Portuguese roots.

These cookies are very versatile: You can easily take them to work, have the dish for dinner with green salad or serve as appetizers. They are also gluten-free and low FODMAP.

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10 tips for a healthy and cheaper diet
2016-02 -  -  2
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Eating healthy does not have to be expensive and eating healthy does not mean eating until you feel you have eaten too much.

So with some organization you can have a balanced diet and this does not mean that you have to spend much more money at the grocery store.

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Coconut and lemon cookies
2016-02 -  -  3
Recipes Joana Oliveira
It's cookies time!These are gluten, dairy and egg free biscuits and they are also LOW FODMAP!

Try them!

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Fortnight started in 1 February 2016: Cures & Treatments
Your food is your medicine!
2016-02 -  -  4
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
"Your food is your medicine" - that is probably the most often mentioned phrase when talking about healthy eating and the impact that food has on our health. But even so, healthy foods are not always abundant in everyone’s diet and there are few people who use foods to enhance our health.

But the truth is that many of our chronic diseases are directly or indirectly associated with our eating habits.

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Benefits of Vitamin D in women's reproductive health
2016-02 -  -  5
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
In our opinion we advise all women of childbearing age, to test the amount of vitamin D in the blood, and if they are deficient in this vitamin, which is essential for human health, they should take the necessary supplements with medical supervision.

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