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Omega 3 supplements in Child Health
2015-11 -  -  1
Health secrets of foods Filomena Vieira

Essential fatty acids have unlimited benefits for health. Promote heart health, brain, joints and helps on your mood.

There are already laboratory tests that allow us to study the profile of essential fatty acids and allow us to correct in a balanced and personalized way, the ratio omega-6/omega-3.

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Gluten free oven backed bread
2015-11 -  -  2
Recipes Joana Oliveira
"This is my first publication, and my intuition tells me that there's no better way to start than with a healthy diet, a recipe of a gluten-free bread that you can try and recreate according to your taste.

This is by far my favorite recipe and simply continues to amaze me all the time!"

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For a healthy grilled food, keep these points in mind
2015-11 -  -  3
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Just because something is grilled it is automatically healthy? No!
It is necessary to take into account various aspects such as the possibility of formation of carcinogenic compounds, the addition (or not) of fat, the kind of food we are grilling and which kind of foods we are eating together.

Grilling can be healthy, but under some circumstances!

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In this fortnight: Light & Dark
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Using Mindfulness to deal with the Automatic Negative Thoughts
2015-11 -  -  4
Meditation and enlightenment Carla Martins
When we begin the practice of mindfulness the first challenge we see is to notice that the thoughts that arise in our mind constantly make us not be in the present moment.

Thoughts are like a monkey jumping from branch to branch, thoughts constantly bounce between mental contents of past, present and future.

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4 symptoms of a unnourished brain
2015-11 -  -  5
Healthy me Helena Santos
All the organs are important, but we can say that the brain is the most important in determining our quality of life. We must nourish it always very well, so it can work as good as you want and be able to keep us active and happy for a long time!

If you recognize yourself in some of the symptoms described herein, consult a health care professional and take action now!

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November 2: World Vitamin D Day
2015-11 -  -  6
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
Vitamin D deficiency affects the entire world population.

Take time to reflect on the amazing way the vitamin D benefits Human Health.

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Fortnight started in 26 October 2015: In & Out
What fatigue and uncontrollable cravings for sweets have in common?
2015-11 -  -  7
Healthy me Filomena Vieira
Stimulants Cycle

What makes some anxious people to feel an irresistible urge to eat sweets?
What could be the relationship of prolonged stress with susceptibility to disease?
And what is the underlying physiological mechanism?

If you really need to consume high doses of caffeine to start the day and you do not sleep well, you should analyze the cortisol biorhythm.

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