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We advise you NOT to commit these five mistakes!
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Much has been written and spoken about food and although the concept of healthy eating can vary from person to person, there are certain mistakes that hurt us all.

Although there are more, find at least 5 mistakes!

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3 foods you should eat every day
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Fruits and vegetables we all know should be eaten every day and with variety. But there are other foods that should also be part of the daily diet. Consider these three examples!

Do you eat them already every day? Nuts, legumes and oat!

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Mindfulness: inside & outside
2015-10 -  -  3
Meditation and enlightenment Carla Martins
Mindfulness is defined as the full awareness that arises from our intention to pay attention in a receptive way, gentle and discerned, to our experience of the moment. This actually has nothing to do directly with the formal practice of mindfulness, but rather to how we found each moment of our experience.

However, in order to become a more natural presence, we must practice Mindfulness to become a more ingrained habit in our lives, moment by moment.

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Fortnight started in 28 September 2015: Know & Learn
6 healthy foods with carbohydrates
2015-10 -  -  4
Healthy me Helena Santos
Much is said about "low carb" diets and about decreasing carbohydrate intake, but these are necessary and we cannot escape them entirely. The quantities will of course be different from one person to another.

Learn which are the options that you can, without guilt, keep in your diet to benefit your health!

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