2015-09 -

Learn what you can do to prevent Alzheimer's disease
2015-09 -  -  1
Never stop learning Daniela Seabra
Alzheimer's disease affects millions of people, and as different experts say, this disease may increase further in the coming years.

But did you know that about half of the cases of Alzheimer's disease can be prevented by improving certain risk factors?
Let’s learn how.

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In this fortnight: Know & Learn
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Your mouth writes cheques that your brain can’t cash
2015-09 -  -  2
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
Your brain is getting old and it is not as it used to be or are you simply consuming food products that impair your brain function? Our brain needs certain conditions to be able to operate fully.

When you choose to eat the wrong fat, nutritionally poor foods and too much sugar, your brain may not be able to have the performance you need, just because of "lack of material."

Know the most common food mistakes.

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10 ways to improve your child's breakfast (or yours)
2015-09 -  -  3
Healthy me Helena Santos
White bread and milk or milk and flakes are the preferred breakfast of many children, but these are nutritionally poor examples. For a healthy return to school you can make small changes to improve the first meal of the day.

We give 10 improvement suggestions, just follow one daily and repeat very often.

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Fortnight started in 31 August 2015: Stop & Restart
Take care of yourself and stop being tired!
2015-09 -  -  4
Positive psychology Paula Costa
To stop should not be a passive attitude! Often it means the answer to a state of fatigue or preventive behavior of those who do not want to get there!

In daily life we all already had the feeling of fatigue after a certain physical or mental effort. Whether because of the pressures to which we are subjected or because of the lack of attention to this, not even all of us value or verbalize signs of fatigue and discomfort.

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