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5 foods that you should not have at home
2015-08 -  -  1
Healthy me Helena Santos
We do not want you to be exaggerated; there is room for all foods if you use those which are unhealthy only occasionally. But in your home, surround yourself only by what is healthy!

Get started by eliminating from your shopping list five foods that may be harming your health (and your family’s too)!

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Industrial products which are “can be eaten, in theory”
2015-08 -  -  2
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
In recent years, eating habits have changed. And one of the biggest differences is undoubtedly the quality of foods - or rather the amount of processed products that we consider as food.

Some of these products, although initially having some food as a base, underwent many thermal and chemical changes  and have the addition of so many non-food compounds, that in the end, we do not know if we can even call them food, or just say that they are "theoretically to be eaten”.

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Sesame seeds for men and women
2015-08 -  -  3
Healthy me Helena Santos
Sesame seeds are healthy for men and women. They improve prostate health and fight osteoporosis.
Daily, sesame seed are easily eaten in soups, salads or even in yogurt. Sesame paste and sesame oil are also valid alternatives.
Eat nuts and seeds every day and make sure that sesame seeds are included in your choice.
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Mindful Child
How parents can do mindfulness at home
2015-08 -  -  4
Me and my body Carla Martins
The mindfulness is a tool that helps us to be more present in our lives: with ourselves, with others and with the world.

In a parenting context mindfulness can help you make more informed choices instead of automatically reacting to stress or fatigue.
For children mindfulness helps to improve their ability to care, to calm down when they are stressed or upset by a setback and to regulate their emotions and better manage their cognitive abilities.

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Legume flour - a real danger
2015-08 -  -  5
Healthy me Helena Santos
Especially when we go through the world of gluten free food and anyone starts to try new recipes, eventually sooner or later we find a recipe with legume flour (beans, chickpeas, lentils, soya beans), since they do not have gluten .

But be aware of a danger: lectins!

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