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Differences between an organically or conventionally produced food
2015-06 -  -  1
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
We know that something is not right when we have to talk about organic food as something new when not many years ago, the entire food production was organic.

Although two foods are apparently equal, a food produced organically is not equal to a food produced in a conventional manner, and there are various reasons for this.

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Should we say that Fish Fingers and Crab Sticks are actually Fish?
2015-06 -  -  2
Healthy me Helena Santos
We all know that eating fish is healthy and many people try to eat it several times per week. But when the time to cook arrives and when there is no fresh fish at home, fish fingers and crab sticks are used often as an alternative meal, mainly because they have no bones and are easy to prepare.

But are they a good choice? The ingredients list brings the answer!

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How to travel when you have allergies and intolerances
2015-06 -  -  3
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
When it comes to traveling we think of all landscapes, monuments and people that we may get to know, and of course, we think of all the food and gastronomic delights that we will be able to experience.

But for all those who have food allergies and intolerances this part can be a real headache.

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Do you know which is the best sunscreen for you?
2015-06 -  -  4
Healthy me Helena Santos
Our skin is our largest organ and so, all we put under the skin should be well considered. Certainly you do not want to put anything on the skin that could increase the likelihood of cancer or hormonal changes. So you should prefer physical instead of chemical sunscreens and make sure it protects either from UVB and UVA.

We help you to choose!

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Sun causes melanoma ... Really?
2015-06 -  -  5
Another look Miguel Damas
The sun may not be your  number 1 enemy for melanoma. Vitamin D produced by regular exposure to UVB protects you.
The sun is considered the number one enemy of the skin. It is common to hear that "skin cancer is caused by UV (ultra-violet)".

There are 3 types of UV radiation: UVA, UVB and UVC.
Find out which are problematic.

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