2015-04 -

Dietary tips for a beautiful skin
2015-04 -  -  1
Healthy me Helena Santos
The most nourishing or moisturizing cream can be useless when you do not eat well. Nutrition plays an important role in the health and appearance of the skin and therefore you should be able to know whether you have or not, a skin friendly diet!

Do you drink lot of water? Do you eat organic foods? Do you use seeds and sprouts? Do you use only olive oil and cold pressed seed oils? Does the food in your dish looks like a rainbow? Then you are on the right track!

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In this fortnight: Improve & Optimize II
Previous fortnight: Body & Soul
Postures and soul states
2015-04 -  -  2
Me and my body Luzia Alves
We have all already realized that when we are sad and depressed, our body shows it, our posture is rolled, afflicted, unexciting.
When we're glad it's as if the body is open to the outside. We feel more confident, we have the head up, our back is straight and our shoulders are pulled back.

What you may not know is that the our posture also influences our moods or soul states.

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Therapeutic Fasting cleanses the body and the soul?
2015-04 -  -  3
Healthy me Helena Santos
Fasting is usually associated with the days before a clinical exam or analysis or with religious reasons. But there is the so-called therapeutic fasting, made with the purpose of bringing benefits to the body.

This fast is a progressive phase in which you slowly remove solid foods until you only ingest liquids from vegetable origin. The tightening step may be conducted up to 3 days and should be fully supervised.

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Fortnight started in 30 March 2015: Rules & Exceptions
Are there rules and exceptions for taking drugs?
2015-04 -  -  4
Healthy me Filomena Vieira
Considering the need for therapy and the use of drugs, we have to think of the patient first.

Age, sex, race, intellectual and socio-economic background influence the dosage, route of administration, adherence to therapy, side effects and drug interactions.
It is about drug therapy that we write today.

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Fortnight started in 2 March 2015: Health & Disease
Personalization: the Secret for Health
2015-04 -  -  5
Healthy me Helena Santos
What applies to the next-door neighbor may not apply to us. A diet, an osteopathic treatment, a drug, a supplement, ... we can all react differently and so your case should be attended carefully, all the options must be analyzed and the recommendations made are to yourself and nobody else! Personalization is possible and is the way to go!

Patients should also have an active role and not just be spectators of their own health.

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