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Shopping list to strengthen the immune system
2014-12 -  -  1
Shopping list Helena Santos
The immune system depends largely on our nutritional status. So, a nutritionally rich diet is an immune strengthening diet.
Foods that strengthen the intestinal flora, provide many vitamins and antioxidants are essential.

Fermented foods, mushrooms, garlic, sweet potato, Brazil nuts are examples that should always be included in your weekly grocery list.

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Undiagnosed celiac disease - symptoms could go beyond the digestive tract
2014-12 -  -  2
Healthy me Helena Santos
Celiac disease is intolerance to gluten and it is typically diagnosed in childhood. Diagnoses in adolescence and adulthood are increasing and the symptoms are increasingly diverse.
Typical symptoms are digestive and include diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, weight loss, malabsorption of nutrients. Atypical symptoms may have mental effects which can range from irritability and anxiety to depression or psychotic symptoms. We must be aware of the non digestive symptoms.

Many cases of unexplained fatigue, anxiety and depression can be an undiagnosed celiac disease.

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Merry Christmas 2014
2014-12 -  -  3
The EsmeraldAzul magazine's team wishes all our readers a Merry Christmas.
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Silent inflammation: when an invisible fire is consuming us!
2014-12 -  -  4
Another look Cristina Sales

Like a brazier burning without flame, silent inflammation alters the organs and diminishes its functional capacity, no signalling, silent and insidious way, for decades.

Degenerative diseases of cardiovascular, neurological and osteoarticular nature, all in general, begin and evolve through a process of silent inflammation.

The reduction of factors that favour it is in our hands, delaying and reducing its devastating effects. Find out how.

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Repeatedly move your muscles - a well-being secret
2014-12 -  -  5
Healthy me Cristina Sales

Therepeated muscular activity promotes the release of endorphins.
Endorphinsinteract in the brain and provide feelings of well-being. Endorphins are analgesic, sedative, improve depression and sleep quality.

To walk, jog, work in the garden or even to do crochet or hand knits for a few hours brings you back serenity and cheerfulness.

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Skinny today obese tomorrow
2014-12 -  -  6
Healthy me Helena Santos
A thin baby will have during his/her lifetime the stigma of hearing "eat more because you are skinny." Such ideas can lead to the incentive of unhealthy behaviors that cause the weight increase during life.

A thin baby can be a healthy baby and a healthy adult.

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Brain Cancer and frequent cell phone use
2014-12 -  -  7
Healthy me Luzia Alves
The number of glioma, brain tumor, has been increasing. According to a Swedish study, mobile phone use increases by 30% the development of these tumors. The use of 3G mobile phones increases the incidence, the use for more than 25 years increases 3 times its appearance.

We must discuss these issues related to the use these so useful but so potentially harmful devices.

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Fortnight started in 8 December 2014: Myths & Trues
Does being a vegetarian make you lose weight?
2014-12 -  -  8
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Many vegetarians have a normal weight. But does the absence of animal products in the diet means that you will lose weight?

It is true that a balanced vegetarian diet can help decrease inflammation and lowers the risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

But being a vegetarian can include foods like fried products, vegetable lasagna, chocolate cake, strawberry ice cream, bread, rice, pasta, juices, wines, ... Maybe being vegetarian is not as good for your weight as it may seem. At least if you continue to make unhealthy choices.

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About vitamin D, the Sun’s Vitamin
2014-12 -  -  9
Vitamin D Filomena Vieira
There is no doubt about the role of sunlight in the appearance of life on Earth.

Vitamin D, the Vitamin of the sun, has allowed the development of the vertebrate skeleton increasingly complex, passing through the dinosaurs to the Humans.
But human health depends not only on Vitamin D. There are many factors involved in the maintenance of health that have to be in harmony: genetics, environment and lifestyle.

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