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Orchid with letters
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Another look Cristina Sales
In these times of change, imposed by premonitory calendars or by the collapse of social systems, or even by the conscious and decided shift in tune with the signs of the times, it is urgent to be able to raise the consciousness level and the act of giving and receiving.

Gifts of tenderness and devotion.
Who knows, maybe an orchid with letters.

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The Strength of the Presence
2014-11 -  -  2
Another look
The EsmeraldAzul is one expression of the excellence of Dr. Cristina’s work.

Altogether, Functional and Integrative Medicine embodies the pursuit of her medical career and expresses the ethical dimension that she assumed since high school: to do everything to help the people who would seek her, especially those to whom traditional medicine would be unable to do so.

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In this fortnight: Cristina Sales
Previous fortnight: Evolution & Decline
How intestinal flora begins and evolves
2014-11 -  -  3
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
Much has been said about intestinal flora or microbiome and the influence it has on our health, but how does it arise? What keeps it and how does it evolve?

If we are talking about Evolution & Decline, it makes sense to speak of how this microbiome evolves throughout our lives.

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4 Superfoods to combat cognitive and physical decline
2014-11 -  -  4
Healthy me Helena Santos
 The brain needs to be protected and well nourished, in a way that over the years, the decline does not occur quickly. If the brain is damaged by a deficient diet, the body also suffers and your physical and mental performance will never be the same. 

So, protect yourself, prevent yourself and start eating well today. Use these Superfoods almost every day : broccoli, blueberries, walnuts and turmeric. 

Have also a healthy diet and practice regular exercise.

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Fortnight started in 27 October 2014: Infection & Inflamation
Probiotics - an important help to improve your immune system!
2014-11 -  -  5
Healthy me Daniela Seabra
When we think of infection, inflammation and immune system we rarely think of our gut, but it's time to start considering that! 

If we want a competent and effective immune system, we must speak of the importance of our intestinal flora, and the effects that some bacteria have shown in several scientific studies.

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