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Pesticide residues in children
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Organic / Bio backyard Jorge Ferreira
Pesticide residues accumulate in the human body and can be analyzed in the hair. 
A recent study in France did the analysis in the hair of 30 students with ages between 3 and 10 years, who lived in agricultural areas. 

The results are disturbing, because on average, for each child, 21 different pesticides were detected.

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In this fortnight: Infection & Inflamation
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Did you increase the amount of fiber and got worse? Find out why!
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Have you ever increased fiber intake because you know that it is good for your health or because you have constipation? And then you started to feel bloated and sick? 

There is an explanation for this: you didn’t follow the fiber increase with the increase of water, you haven’t strengthened your intestinal flora, you may not be exercising enough or/and you have has only chosen insoluble fibers.

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Aluminum is harmful to health. It is in medicines, foods and much more!
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Another look Cristina Sales
Aluminum is a metal that is not part of the composition of the human body. 
Continued exposure to aluminum causes a chronic intoxication with serious adverse health effects. 

Aluminum intoxication promotes cognitive decline, increased risk of neurological degenerative diseases and particularly Alzheimer's disease. 
It is associated with increased risk of breast cancer. 

Did you know that aluminum is closer to you, more than you can imagine?

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Fortnight started in 29 September 2014: Happiness & Health
Shopping list for a good mood
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
The food we eat can affect our mood positively or negatively. Foods high in sugar will adversely affect the mood soon after being ingested, although in the moment they are consumed they can cause the sensation of pleasure. 

Look for foods that keep the mood constant: fish, amaranth, black chocolate and asparagus are examples.

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Exercise renews the body and gives happiness
2014-10 -  -  5
Healthy me Luzia Alves

The endorphin production during one race is responsible for the condition called as "Runner's High”. This state is described as the halls of pleasure, sense of lightness and even euphoria. 

This condition leads sometimes to states of dependence on exercise, which are necessary to avoid.

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Serotonin makes us happy people
2014-10 -  -  6
Another look Cristina Sales
The happiness and welfare favor physical and mental health. 
Serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter for the feeling of well-being and happiness. 
A deficiency in serotonin reduces our strength to live and the sense of humor, predisposes to sadness, depression, irritability and insomnia. 

Did you know you can increase your serotonin without using drugs? We explain how.

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