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Children and adolescents: running and jumping is crucial
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Me and my body Luzia Alves
Bone is a living tissue, in constant remodeling and adaptation to mechanical stress. The osteocyte, a bone cell, is the primary mechanic-receptor and plays a key role in the adjustment and repair of micro trauma of the bones.
It is the mechanical stimulation of bone which causes it to improve its structure, and doing physical activity with impact is essential for that. This type of activity exercised in childhood and adolescence, prevents future weak and demineralized bones with fracture risk. The gymnastics, the races and sports with jumps are highly recommended in these age groups.

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Do tou want to improve your kids’ school grades? Change the diet!
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Now that classes have already started, we suggest some reflection on the diet of the little ones in your home. 

Bread, milk, yogurt, crackers and cereals with sugar. Do not allow your children to eat only these foods. Give them foods with lots of color every day and enables an optimal school performance. The brain needs nutrients to function.

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In this fortnight: Improve & Optimize
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Vitality and longevity with alkaline water!
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Healthy me Cristina Sales
The modern lifestyle and increasing age contribute to acidification of the body
Those who have an organic acidification feels tiredness, lack of muscle strength, loss of vitality and low mental performance
To compensate for this acidification and maintain the necessary balance of blood pH our body permanently uses several mechanisms that increase osteoporosis. 
Drinking alkaline water with a pH greater than 7, is the solution to restore balance and vitality!

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Resilience: A very important feature of Human Beings!
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Myself and the others Paula Costa
Resilience can be understood as an adaptation system that enables the experience of adversity, trauma and stressful situations (health, work ...) in an attitude of willingness to change and therefore to learn. 

It is a process that occurs through the interaction of the person in his/her context. 
How important is it to you? What must you be attentive to its acquisition / development?

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