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9 ideas to have a more healthy, conscious and sustainable life
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Another look Cristina Sales
Minor changes, which depend on us, when placed into practice can have amazing benefits in many areas of our lives. 

We give you ideas as a challenge to develop a healthier, more conscious and more sustainable life.

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Always have a book
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Conscious Me Paula Costa
Resting with a good book can be a very captivating way to occupy a few hours of our vacations and promote attitudes of silence and body-mind balance. 

Reading is an act of discovery that arouses emotions, thoughts and constant learning. When we are involved in this activity our curiosity has no limits.

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In this fortnight: Stop & Think
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Aromatherapy – calm down and relax
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The aromas have effects in the brain and that's the advantage of aromatherapy. Neurotransmitters may be altered depending on the scents you smell. 

To calm down and relax there are some options. Try it on your body, in massage or in your home. Feel the right aromas while doing exercises such as meditation or relaxation.

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Saltwater baths – do you know their magnificent effects?
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Healthy me Núcleo de Medicina
The baths of marine saltwater facilitate the absorption of minerals, invigorate and revitalize many bodily functions

Improve osteoarthritis and varicose veins, stimulate the cardiovascular system and lymphatic drainage, helps in toning muscles and skin, relax and improve the sense of well-being. 

If you can not go on beach holidays you can learn how to make salt water baths in your home.

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