2014-07 -

10 ways to keep yourself hydrated
2014-07 -  -  1
Healthy me Helena Santos
With warm weather concern about hydration increases and rightly so. When in a hot day, if you forget to drink water or other liquids, you are undermining your health and your personal performance. 

Discover 10 ways to stay hydrated, apply them now and do not wait to be thirsty to drink.

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Between sun and sea ... a moment of rest!
2014-07 -  -  2
Positive psychology Paula Costa
The resulting decrease in quality of life because of the constant race against time is detrimental in terms of physical and mental health. 
The summer holidays and the period to which they are associated allows us the deserved and much needed rest. 

Rest your body and mind.

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In this fortnight: Sun & Sea
Previous fortnight: Fruits & Vegetables
Waldo Salad
2014-07 -  -  3
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
Summer is conducive to the consumption of salads. You should eat lots of fresh vegetables and mix them up with fruit. Enjoy and enrich them with quality fats, nuts or foods of the same family. 

Waldo Salad is rich in fiber, vitamin C, minerals and monounsaturated fats. Helps in the prevention of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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Is fruit juice healthy?
2014-07 -  -  4
Healthy eating Helena Santos
If it's fruit it is healthy! This statement is not entirely true. 
100% fruit juices are a source of vitamins and minerals, but should not be drunk like water. 

Fruit juices have their drawbacks. They are drinks of high glycemic index, have too much sugar and easily disrupt the appetite. Furthermore, it is much more beneficial to eat fruit than drink its juice. 
Use them, but in moderation!

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