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Herbs at home
2014-06 -  -  1
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
A large number of people have joined the fad of cultivating herbs at home.

They are present on the balconies, in the kitchen, or even around the living room. Fads come and go, but for your health, we hope that this comes to stay - get to know our motives.

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Super-foods should you search them or not?
2014-06 -  -  2
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
Super Foods – the more, the better? Not quite.

The designation of Super-Food is not even a name that can be considered scientifically valid - is more an advertising assignment.
Anyway, there are actually certain foods that have very interesting features that can be used to our advantage, we just have to know how.

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The road less traveled, Scott Peck
2014-06 -  -  3
Read and Write
Bestseller since 1978, "The road less traveled" is the most successful book by Scott Peck. This psychiatrist wrote this success, which is more than just a book of self-help, it is a transformative book. It shows us how to live the suffering of the change, teach us to learn that it is possible to achieve serenity and fullness in life. 

At some point in your life you will need to read it. When you think it makes sense - enjoy it!

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Shopping list to strengthen the immune system
2014-06 -  -  4
Shopping list Helena Santos
The immune system depends largely on our nutritional status. So, a nutritionally rich diet is an immune strengthening diet
Foods that strengthen the intestinal flora, provide many vitamins and antioxidants are essential. 

Fermented foods, mushrooms, garlic, sweet potato, Brazil nuts are examples that should always be included in your weekly grocery list.

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Does Kale ease stomach pains?
2014-06 -  -  5
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
Does kale juice relieves stomach pain? Scientific evidence confirming this situation does not seem to exist, but the truth is that many people feel benefits almost immediately. Probably the anti-inflammatory effect is what is being felt. 

Kale and cabbage are actually nutritionally very rich foods and have incredible health benefits. 
But we must not think that we should eat cabbage at every meal!

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