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Okinawa diet to live up to 100 years?
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
The secret of longevity is much sought. And there is still no magic anti-aging formulation to live more years. 
It is known that there are many factors that affect the years we live and that diet can influence up to 30%

So knowing that in Japan, more precisely in Okinawa there have already existed the highest percentage of centenarians in the world, let's see what they eat and maybe we can imitate some habits.

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Parabens in medicine? Yes it is true and they are dangerous!
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Healthy me Cristina Sales
Parabens are chemical substances with solvent and antimicrobial capacity. 
They are widely used in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

But the continued absorption or ingestion of parabens poses risks to human health: they are hormone disruptors and therefore increase the incidence of hormone-dependent cancers, and can cause respiratory and skin allergies. 

Parabens are among the many existing medicine excipients! 
Are there parabens hidden in the medication you take regularly?

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Do you know of what the supplement you are taking is made? Maybe you should!
2014-04 -  -  3
Phytotherapy Helena Santos
It is synthetic or natural? Is it organic? Does it have pesticides or other sources of contamination? Is the company certified? The dosage is appropriate? 

There are many questions that you should ask yourself before buying a supplement. Either you know health professionals who are already acquainted with the subject and can make recommendations out of their own knowledge or you have to search and read enough to be able to decide. 
Do not believe in everything people say to you. Read for yourself and decide! You can have very good results or harm yourself, depending on the choices you make.

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What you do not know about products for diabetics
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Helena Santos
Is a product labeled "tolerated by diabetics" always healthy? 

Some products can be healthy but many have artificial sweeteners or fructose, which in excess are harmful. Many also have poor quality fats such as hydrogenated fats. 

Read the labels and decide for yourself. 
The diet in diabetes cases is no more than a healthy diet as we all should have. There is no need of special products. decide for yourself. 
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Budwig Cream, a help to be healthy
2014-04 -  -  5
Good appetite
One of the pillars of Kousmine method is the Budwig Cream which we present here today. It is a healthy and natural way to start the day using high quality fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins of high biological value. 

Try it and become a fan!
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Slow Detox - one day a week, every week
2014-04 -  -  5
Slow, slow Cristina Sales
Making an intensive detoxification once or twice a year may have some advantages but you return to normal life and may compromise the effectiveness of very long-term results.

Making a slow detoxification program, one day a week, every week, can be a practical and simple option, can balance the weekly rhythm and can have health and vitality results at medium and long term.

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Being vegetarian: risk of nutritional deficiencies?
2014-04 -  -  6
Healthy eating Helena Santos
A person may become vegetarian for various reasons: economic, religious, sustainability, concern for animals or for health concerns. Regardless, we know that increasing the number of vegetarian meals a week is very beneficial for the health. 

Becoming a strictly vegetarian is possible at any stage of life, but it requires care with various nutrients like proteins of high biological value, vitamin B12, zinc, iron. 

To do lab tests regularly and supplementation if necessary are things you should not forget. If you want to become vegetarian do it with awareness.

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