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Mediterranean Diet: more than a diet it is a lifestyle
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Healthy eating Helena Santos

More than a diet, the Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle.
It includes the concern for biodiversity, the encouragement of traditional and seasonal products, the conviviality at meal time and the stimulation of regular physical activity.
Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and olive oil are examples of food essentials on daily life. Red meats and sweet desserts are left for exceptional days.

The health benefits are numerous for example: increased longevity, cardiovascular protection and even reduction of the incidence of cancers.

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Are you always hungry? Learn how to counter your appetite.
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Many of us are always hungry and think it will never have solution. Good news: your appetite just needs to be disciplined and the solution lies in the way you eat and the quality of foods you choose in every meal.

If you learn to master your hormones you will never allow your appetite to dominate you!

More protein at breakfast, eat more slowly, relax and eat many vegetables are some of the suggestions! Apply them all today and feel the difference in your hunger!

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Laxatives, yes or no?
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Healthy me Helena Santos
Constipation is very common and is responsible for decreased quality of life by causing discomfort and may even pain. The use of laxatives is increasingly popular, but their chronic use may exacerbate the absence of bowel function.

You should know the types of laxatives. Know that those with more physiological mechanism of action are the bulk producers and the contact laxatives (stimulant laxatives) are the most aggressive.

Whatever your choice is, know that these products should only be used in emergency situations and sporadically.

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Constipation? Discover the solution!
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Healthy me Helena Santos
"I am always constipated" is a sentence often used in clinical practice since constipation is actually quite common. But the fact that it is very common does not mean it does not have a solution!

What is important is to make changes in all determining factors and not only on some: intestinal flora, water, fiber, exercise, abusive use of laxatives, stress.
Try and feel the difference!

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I have arthritis. How should my diet be?
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
"Arthritis” means "joint inflammation” and independently of the cause of the inflammation, the diet in these situations should be as anti-inflammatory as possible.

Be aware of the quality of fats you eat; eat fish, seeds, nuts; cook with olive oil and season your dishes with first cold pressing oils. Eat organic foods, use and abuse of vegetables and fruits, prefer whole grains, make a few vegetarian meals a week; choose white meat and add flavor with herbs and spices. Practice a Mediterranean diet!

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Osteoarthritis – Do you know the causes? Do you want to know how to prevent it?
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Healthy me Núcleo de Medicina
Osteoarthritis or osteoarthrosis is the wear of the cartilage, a chronic disease associated with aging.
Factors that increase the impact and stress on the joints favor the onset of arthritis at an early age, which can be very debilitating.

It is worth to know and avoid, from a young age, the causes of osteoarthritis to protect your joints and keep them healthy and functional for a long time.

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