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Stevia - a natural sweetener
2014-02 -  -  1
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
To be able to feel sweet tastes without the caloric consequences is the dream of many.

The food industry has long realized this, and for many years it has created different artificial chemicals in order to sweeten without calories.

But nature had already offered us such a product: it is called stevia.
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Food and creams - allies against cellulite!
2014-02 -  -  2
Me and my body
Not all products that fight cellulite are already known, this works the same way in all people.
Results vary greatly from person to person due to their genetics, the exercise they do, the type of food, type of creams they use and when they use them.
Today we will talk about the essentials of cellulite combat foods, and finally recommend a homemade cream so you can use every day in the fight against "orange peel" skin.
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Pineapple and papaya secret
2014-02 -  -  3
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos

Some fruits have proteolytic enzymes. Pineapples have bromelain, papayas have papain, kiwis have actinidin and figs have ficin. These enzymes break the bonds between the amino acids and therefore help in protein digestion. As they can be in small amounts in foods, there are also supplementation options.

If you do not digest the well the meat, try eating pineapple after or during the meal. Maybe you will digest better. The supplementation is also an option.

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Functional foods
2014-02 -  -  4
Healthy eating Helena Santos

Potentially all foods can be considered functional foods, since all can have a specific effect in our body. But the designation of "functional food" is given to natural or processed foods that have specific components in sufficient quantities to be effective in maintaining health and reducing the risk of disease. See some examples and be critical in your choices.

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Do you know Amazake?
2014-02 -  -  5
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos

Our diet is often not diversified, because we don’t want to bother about discovering new products and find its use. Thus, we show you the Amazake so your desserts may be different from today onwards. 

The Amazake is a traditional japanese drink which can also be marketed in cream. It has simple sugars resulting from the fermentation process and is an original and natural way to sweeten your dishes.

Innovate and try amazake!

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Omega 3 Quiz
2014-02 -  -  1
Quiz Helena Santos

The omega 3 fats are essential to the functioning of our body. They are predominant parts for the maintenance of optimum health.

The linolenic acid (ALA) is a fat that our body cannot produce and must be necessarily consumed through diet or supplementation. From this fatty acid others are produced (EPA and DHA), which are not always in the needed quantities.
Do this Quiz and find out if you need to increase your intake of omega 3.

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In this fortnight: Foods & Supplements
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Art - Therapy for body and mind
2014-02 -  -  6
Conscious Me Sofia Baptista
Art therapy brings what the unconscious has registered. It is by the colors, shapes and expressions that the person can better understand itself and his or hers most hidden emotions.

Just pick up crayons, colouring pencils, watercolor, puppets to role play, plus many more other features. It is not necessary to know how to draw or have any familiarity with art; the process is only a means to expose the emotions.

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Oxidative stress causes imbalances in the body and mind!
2014-02 -  -  7
Healthy me Helena Santos
Oxidative stress results from increased production of free radicals, lack of antioxidants, or both. It can be measured through blood and corrected with supplementation and with a healthy lifestyle.

The consequences of increased oxidative stress are not only physical but also mental and can range from physical and mental fatigue, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, cancers, anxiety, depression and Alzheimer's disease.
Get started today to lower your oxidative stress!

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Repeatedly move your muscles - a well-being secret
2014-02 -  -  8
Healthy me Cristina Sales

The repeated muscular activity promotes the release of endorphins.
Endorphins interact in the brain and provide feelings of well-being. Endorphins are analgesic, sedative, improve depression and sleep quality.

To walk, jog, work in the garden or even to do crochet or hand knits for a few hours brings you back serenity and cheerfulness.

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Apple cider
2014-02 -  -  9
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
An unhealthy and intoxicated body hampers all efforts we can do to also have a healthy mind. So we should have a healthy diet and practice physical exercise to enhance the possibility of having a healthy body and mind.

To give extra help, we leave here the recipe of apple cider which is a fermented beverage that will help in the detoxification of the liver and in the elimination of toxins.
Try it!

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Depression or malnourished brain?
2014-02 -  -  10
Orthomolecular Nutrition Helena Santos
Some depressive symptoms can be eliminated with the help of diet and supplementation. There are several nutrients that when in quantities less than desirable, determine changes in mood, mental and physical abilities, anxiety, sleep.

Examples are the B vitamins, vitamin D, omega 3, tryptophan, zinc, chromium, selenium. Even gluten sensitivity can trigger depressive symptoms.
The good news is: if you identify the cause, the problem can be solved!

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Yoga benefits body and mind
2014-02 -  -  1
Me and my body Sofia Baptista
The practice of yoga benefits our health, involving physical postures, breathing/meditation or relaxation techniques.

People who practice yoga maintain good health and well-being, improve your physical fitness, relieve stress and improve quality of life. Furthermore, you can treat specific health conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, anxiety, and many more others.

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