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To drink or not to drink milk… that's the question!
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Healthy eating Helena Santos
Drinking milk or not is an issue that raises a lot of controversy. There is no right answer, since the recommendations should be individualized and in some cases milk can be recommended and in others it may not be appropriate. This is it what makes nutrition challenging!

The way the milk is produced, the existence of allergy, intolerance or hypersensitivity, concern for animals and the environment or the goal of preventing cancer dictate the choice between drinking milk or not!

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In this fortnight: Yes & No
Previous fortnight: Me & My Home 2
Five dangers you probably have at home
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At home Helena Santos

Our home can have dangers that are very easy to remove but we are not aware of their existence. Did you know that stains on the wall are fungi that can cause allergies? Or did you know that aromatic candles have compounds that may be causing you harm?

Be aware of the five dangers that you can eliminate from your home today!

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The house and my personal space
2013-12 -  -  3
Never stop learning Sofia Baptista

Our personal or individual space is very important for our mental health and emotional well-being needs. Unfortunately, increasingly, it will be harder to find .

Among the cities " that never sleeps " , the hasty lives and the fact that we are always surrounded by people with whom we have established relationships , the need to increase our individuality , is often ignored .

While personal space can often be interpreted as a selfish need , the truth is that personal space plays a vital role in influencing human behavior and emotional health .

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Merry Christmas!
2013-12 -  -  4
Myself and the others BluEmerald team
The BluEmerald team wishes you all a Merry Christmas!

Let this Christmas season be healthy, conscious, sustainable and very happy!
You should offer unique gifts: your company, good moments, kisses and hugs. These are the gifts that make us truly like Christmas!

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Natural Air Fresheners – escape from home´s toxicity
2013-12 -  -  5
Never stop learning

A homemade air freshener is something affordable and easy to make at home. One main reason is related to the toxicity that air fresheners have when they are sold.

Whenever we use an air freshener of this type we are in danger so the best thing is to learn how to make a natural air freshener to your taste at home.


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How to live with someone messy!
2013-12 -  -  6
Family Sofia Baptista

There are people who love being in a clean and simple environments. They often feel a constant need to keep things clean and organized , especially when it is their own home

On the other hand, we have people who are more prone to confusion, who do not care and even feel good when they are in completely messy spaces .

What to do when sharing the same space ?

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Survival shopping list
2013-12 -  -  7
Shopping list Helena Santos

Imagine a natural disaster or any other cause which could prevent you from leaving your house during 3 days. Is your pantry ready for your family survival during this period? Even if there is no electricity?

See our shopping list for survival. Be prepared for any eventuality.

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Making bread at home is not a rocket science!
2013-12 -  -  8
At home Helena Santos
Bread made with wheat, rye, gluten, eggs, gluten-free, wheat-free, ... the list is huge because there are endless ways of making bread.

The most basic way to do it is very simple and can be done in our homes, either with the aid of a bread machine or with the oven.

Flour, water and yeast are the minimum ingredients. You may need more ingredients if you wish different types of bread.

Let’s see how it is simple! Try it today in your home, make your own bread!
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Ways to monetize time in the kitchen
2013-12 -  -  9
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Cooking can be relaxing for those who enjoy preparing meals.

But in daily life there are many people who complain about lack of time to eat properly.

If you know how to monetize your time in the kitchen there are no excuses for not eating healthy every day.

See our tips!
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Treating minor wounds - have the basics at home
2013-12 -  -  10
At home Cristina Sales

Treating minor wounds - have the basics at home.

At home, the basic material for treating minor uncomplicated wounds should always be ready and available.

We teach you how to be the case and the nature of the basic material to be able to treat wounds in their home.

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Fortnight started in 2 December 2013: Heat & Cold
Do not heat your seeds or do it carefully!
2013-12 -  -  11
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
Whole seeds or grounded seeds are a good way to enrich diet. Depending on the purpose different seeds can be used. But there are precautions that are common to all.

All seeds have essential oils that spoil if they are heated above a certain temperature, so do not buy toasted seeds and consume them in a natural way. If you want lightly toasted seeds do it at home and do not exceed 50ºC. The smaller seeds should be grounded to be better absorbed.

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Stay healthy, protect yourself from the cold!
2013-12 -  -  12
Healthy me
Winter is usually a time when we suffer most intensely from bad temper and laziness and one of the main reasons for this is the cold.

In this sense, we'll learn some strategies to help keep us warm and protected.

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