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Are light/diet products better than the originals?
2013-11 -  -  1
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
Light products are here to stay. The fat phobia and the reality of the increasing numbers of obesity have opened the market to a huge amount of products that promise to have less sugar, fat, and cholesterol.

But are these products really better than the original?

Let's learn to read "the small print" in order to make the best choices.
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Psychotherapy: myths and truths
2013-11 -  -  2
Never stop learning Sofia Baptista
If you think of psychotherapy only as it is characterized by television and movies, you probably have some very misguided notions about what goes on in the office of a psychologist.

It's time to know the reality instead of myth, so you can benefit from all that psychotherapy has to offer
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Is fructose good for diabetes?
2013-11 -  -  2
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Diabetics tend to seek products labeled as "for diabetic people", but are these products really safe for diabetes cases? Most have fructose instead of ordinary sugar (sucrose) and the fact that a product is labeled as "specific food for diabetes” may lead to its excessive use.

Excess fructose is related to increased cholesterol, triglycerides and may even increase the risk of heart disease. Be careful!
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Myths and Truths of Meditation
2013-11 -  -  3
Meditation and enlightenment Sofia Baptista
Although there are misconceptions and myths about many topics, one of the most popular themes is meditation.

Say the word "meditation" and all kinds of images and notions arise. Who wants to meditate, anyway?

Here are some of the most common myths about meditation
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Drinking water during meals makes you fat?
2013-11 -  -  4
Healthy eating Helena Santos
Does drink water with meals make you fat? This is one of the myths that seem very simple to answer but can be tricky. Some people feel a bloated belly after a meal in which they drank water or stay truly heavier.

Can the water be responsible for an increase in fat mass?
The answer is no, but read more to understand.

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To wash the skin, the more foam the better. Is it?
2013-11 -  -  5
Natural Beauty Cristina Sales
The skin is covered by a natural lipid film, essential to maintaining your health and beauty.

Prolonged baths and repeated washing with soap or cleansing gel with large capacity astringent capacity, which makes a lot of foam, remove the skin's natural protective lipid contributing to its dehydration, aging and greater likelihood of dermal diseases.

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In this fortnight: Myths & Truths
Previous fortnight: Vitality & Resilience
Tips to maintain and enhance the vitality
2013-11 -  -  6
Never stop learning Sofia Baptista

A healthy diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle .

But to get vitality in a higher level, you should keep the following tips in mind .

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Rhodiola - the antidepressant herb that also gives you energy
2013-11 -  -  7
Phytotherapy Helena Santos

Rhodiola is a plant native to cold regions and its roots are used for medicinal purposes.

As an adaptogenic herb it helps resist / adapt to intense stress. Besides this, it fights fatigue, it is antidepressant, anxiolytic, can help in recovery after intense exercise and even help sexual function. Read more and discover Rhodiola!

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Adaptogenic herbs, know what they are and what they are for!
2013-11 -  -  8
Phytotherapy Helena Santos

Adaptogenic herbs help the body to maintain balance, restore and protect the body. They allow adaptation to situations of extreme stress, whether it is emotional, physical or chemical stress. Situations such as extreme fatigue or anxiety benefit greatly with the use of these plants.

Ginseng, Rhodiola and Ashwagandha are examples, read here and learn more!

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Making your own body butter!
2013-11 -  -  9
Natural Beauty

Your skin needs to be treated, well nourished and hydrated but not with products with artificial ingredients and harmful ingredients to your health.

So if you like making your own products, try this body butter suggestion, it takes only 3 ingredients and a mixer.

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Resilient children, resilient adults!
2013-11 -  -  10
Family Sofia Baptista

Adversity is a natural part of life and protect our children against all unexpected painful events of life is not possible.

At some point, we all face difficulties. Knowing how to be resilient is important to deal with adversity.

Successfully face difficult situations, can actually promote growth and develop in children the skills to be more resilient in the future.

Here are five important tips for promoting resilience of your children.

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10 foods that increase vitality and cannot be missing in your home
2013-11 -  -  11
Shopping list Helena Santos

Feeling vitality is synonymous of feeling with energy, enthusiasm and ability to work with a great mental capacity.

Some foods are essential for your brain’s functioning, for the body to produce energy efficiently and so that this energy is used correctly over time in order to keep us active and concentrated.

See our shopping list of foods that should not be missing in your home if you want to feel full of vitality!

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