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Obesity in our hips, tights and button – much more than just calories
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

The famous pear-shaped body can be a real nightmare for many women...

Yes... We know that eating too much calories and not spending them is fattening, and we also know that are the female hormones we need to blame for the storage of fat in our button and thighs.
We cut calories and intensified exercises on an attempt to diminish this curves that insist on staying almost the same.

But is there something in the fat of hips and button, which makes weight loss more difficult?

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Abdominal obesity - a male and female problem!
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
We all know the phrase "An apple a day, doctor away", but when that apple is the shape of your body, the result is exactly the opposite, because this form of obesity is the most associated with health complications.

The accumulation of fat around the abdomen is associated with increased inflammation and various metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

For many years it was considered a men´s problem, but now it becoming also a women´s problem.

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Women: greater work skills, better leadership
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Never stop learning
Equality at work seems to be an endless struggle because all around the world there are still many women who will not be able to climb in their career. The European Commission's aim is to rise to 30% at 2015, the percentage of women in leadership positions in the vast majority of European countries.

But the good news shows that women are better leaders and companies with the highest percentage of women, are more profitable. So for companies to continue or achieve the path of success - women must be part of it!

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How to argue properly?
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Positive psychology
It takes at least 5 positive actions to compensate for a negative action, so a way to strengthen a relationship begins by ensuring that the positive components exceed the negative. Especially when arguing.

Arguing correctly affects a lot in this matter, and therefore our happiness as man and wife, and above all, as a couple.

See our tip

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Saw palmetto for prostate health
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Nutri and Phyto Helena Santos
Originated in the United States, the plant Serenoa Ripens produces a berry from which the saw palmetto supplement is extracted.

Widely used by men to improve prostate health, it can have effects in improving cases of benign prostatic hyperplasia and even improve libido.

It can also be used by women to aid in urinary tract infections but most studies are done in men.

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Three healthy sauces
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Good appetite
Industrialized sauces have normally awful nutritional composition: poor quality fat, too many calories, too many additives. Even making your sauces at home implies to choose well the ingredients and mix them in order to get a tasty and healthy result.

Discover the pepper-dijón sauce, the pesto-vinaigrette sauce and the yogurt sauce, perfect to join meat, fish and vegetables.

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Cinnamon: the ideal companion for dessert
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Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
There are companions that not only make the most delicious dishes, but also are good for your health.
is one of those examples because fruit, desserts and drinks can be much more pleasing in its presence.

The benefits of cinnamon range from its antioxidant power to its ability to help control blood sugar.
Know the reasons why you should mix cinnamon with at least one of the pieces of fruit you eat each day!

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Free yourself from heavy metals like mercury: eat coriander!
2013-09 -  -  7
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
How many of us put aside the herbs that are used in cooking? Try not to do this and eat the herbs used for cooking, especially coriander/cilantro.

Coriander is rich in polyphenols and this entails almost all its benefits. It is a source of several vitamins and minerals but to enjoy that you need to eat significant amounts. Its most striking feature is the fact that cilantro can make metal chelation of metals such as lead, mercury and aluminum, increasing its excretion.

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The Essene bread
2013-09 -  -  8
Healthy eating Helena Santos
The Essene bread is the most natural example of bread because it is made only by the action of water, air and sun, beyond the milling of the sprouted grain.

It is a easier to digest bread, nutritionally rich and delights the raw food lovers. Learn how to do it!

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Fruit cream
2013-09 -  -  9
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
Colorful, tasty, healthy, full of vitamins and minerals. Versatile and natural. Use preferably organic fruits.

This fruit cream can be shared with your friend, Girlfriend, boyfriend or family member. Even children can eat this without guilt. Pick fruits of different colors, and with mature pasty texture. It is a nutrient pump!

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Sprouted foods: know the advantages of these super foods
2013-09 -  -  10
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
When we sprout a seed or grain, its nutritional value can be 200-600% increased, in addition to the increasing digestibility.

Let us show you what sprouted foods are and what are the advantages of eating these super foods.

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Marinades, should we do it or should we not?
2013-09 -  -  11
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
There are some fish and meat that with just a little salt and some herbs get delicious after cooking process.
But in some situations such as when roasting meat/fish, a marination process gives a special flavor, makes the meat more tender and above all can help neutralize carcinogenic compounds.

Use healthy marinades!

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