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Middle of the night insomnia - the cause begins the day before!
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Never stop learning Cristina Sales
Insomnia can be initial or in the middle of the night between 3am and 4am.
Did you know that the middle of the night insomnia is a result of how you lived the day before?

You must understand well the differences between these two types of insomnia and know the best way to correct them.

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In this fortnight: Cristina Sales
Previous fortnight: Land & Sea
Benefits of walking barefoot on earth
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Never stop learning
Walking barefoot on the ground, is like discovering a new fountain of youth. Apart from feeling grounded, we feel stronger, active, free and well disposed.

Our mind will become clearer and our concentration and tranquility will improve.
Discover why walking barefoot on the ground has such an impact on our health!

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Calcium from the sea and from the land
2013-08 -  -  2
Health secrets of foods Helena Santos
Did you know that there are natural ways to supplement your diet with calcium?

The percentage of calcium absorbed depends on many factors such as age, health status, current level of calcium, other minerals of food ... but anyway, on land and in the sea there are sources of calcium that you might never thought about: the eggshell and the internal skeleton (cuttlebone) of the cuttlefish!

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Land and sea anti-inflamatories: Turmeric and New Zealand green-lipped mussel
2013-08 -  -  2
Phytotherapy Helena Santos
Natural anti-inflammatories are always highly sought and this week we decided to talk about an anti-inflammatory from the land and other from the sea: Turmeric and New Zealand green-lipped mussel.

Turmeric, both found as a spice to use in the kitchen and as supplement pills. The New Zealand green-lipped mussel can be consumed fresh but in Europe and America it is easier to find it in powder or capsule supplement.

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Sea salt spray for hair
2013-08 -  -  3
Natural Beauty
Get natural waves anytime, without having to go to the beach, creating a homemade beach hair spray.

The real concept of these loose waves involves sea salt in the ocean, which is known to give that texture to the hair creating that "beach hair" with gentle waves that many of us like to have.

Let's learn how to do it!

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Oven chips
2013-08 -  -  4
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
It is a healthy way to satisfy the urge to eat potato chips. It is crunchy, tasty and satisfying.

It can be a perfect accompaniment for snacks and full meals.
Plate rich in carbohydrates and minerals. Full of energy, raises the glycemic index, so it is ideal to eat with vegetables, preferably raw.
It is a great option to serve children and adolescents.

Try it!

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Fortnight started in 12 August 2013: Night & Day
Melatonin: the fairy of the night!
2013-08 -  -  5
Complementary Therapies Cristina Sales
Melatonin rises at dusk and regulates all our biorhythms.

Induces sleep; regulates hormonal system; balances the immune system; has a very important antioxidant effect in the brain; prevents and helps to treat loss of cognitive function and dementia; participates in energy balance and increases male fertility.

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The rhythm of Melatonin
2013-08 -  -  6
Labs Cristina Sales
Melatonin is released by the brain in tune with the rhythm of day / night . Its function is to induce sleep and to be the leader of the orchestra of many hormones.

Some insomnia is due to imbalance of melatonin rhythm.

For a better treatment of chronic insomnia is important to know the rhythm of melatonin . If this is disabled in your spare can be critical for the regulation and quality of sleep.
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Ashwagandha: the plant that gives you energy and that also helps you sleep better
2013-08 -  -  7
Phytotherapy Daniela Seabra
Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, a plant used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, that is able to increase our energy levels when taken in the morning and help us sleep better when taken at the end of the day.

This plant is also able to strengthen our immune system and our memory. Come and learn more about ashwagandha.

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Gluten free marble cake
2013-08 -  -  8
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
This cake is a great dessert, gluten and dairy free. Very simple to make and with a funny appearance because of the contrast of the colors of the dough.

A good solution for dessert, keeping you away from wheat flour and other allergens.

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Owls and larks? Who are you?
2013-08 -  -  9
Never stop learning Sofia Baptista
According to our circadian rhythms we are divided between larks and owls.

Larks like to get up early, full of energy, begin work at dawn, always well-prepared, and when they arrive in the late afternoon, are tired and full of desire to sleep.

The owls awake without power, almost sleepwalking, speak evil of morning coffee and after lunch start to get energy, being the part of the day where they begin to develop their productivity. They do not want to sleep early, because they are full of energy.

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Cortisol biorhythm
2013-08 -  -  2
Labs Cristina Sales
Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands.
Its release into the bloodstream is synchronized with the solar rhythm.
The higher level occurs between 8 and 9 am and at night its level will be at a minimum stage.

But stress is a powerful stimulus of cortisol production. In continuous stress situations, cortisol levels may be very unbalanced throughout the day.
The measurement of salivary cortisol biorhythm can reveal the impact of stress on organic balance.

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