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How to ferment food
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

Do you want to start including fermented foods rich in probiotic to your eating habits? And do you prefer making them at home?

Come and learn some tricks and the precautions you need to take in order to make yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut at home.

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Fermented foods rich in probiotics that you can, and should include in your diet
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Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

Fermented foods rich in probiotics, although they are not part of the food pyramid, are definitely foods that can and should be included in your daily diet, your health and your gut thank you!

Come discover some of these foods and know how best to consume them!


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In this fortnight: Sweet & Sour
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Healthy holidays
2013-07 -  -  3
Me and my body Luzia Alves
The correct way to pack the suitcase, the way we lay on the beach or bathe in the sea/pool can help to prevent the emergence of various problems in the holidays.

Here we leave some advice on how to not spoil your vacation period.

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Holidays in destinations with a high temperature? Know what to wear!
2013-07 -  -  4
Fashion and Health
Is light but tight clothing the best for hot weather because it absorbs sweat? Or are loose and dark clothes better choices? Or maybe the type of clothes does not make a difference in the heat we feel. Yes it does!

The clothes we wear can help us to cool faster and to feel well almost all day.
Learn what should be your choice. But also do not forget to drink plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun in peak hours.

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Do you know what to eat or drink during the holidays?
2013-07 -  -  5
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra
During the holidays, only few of us plan their meals. We tend to choose meals that are fast and easy to prepare, and usually we tend to not make the best choices.

Come learn some things to consider if you want to eat healthy during vacations.

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Unwind at Eco-lodge Brejeira
2013-07 -  -  6
Places Eco-Lodge Brejeira
In the hurried life many of us live, work is too often a dominant factor that dictates nearly the entire week, weekends are always too short and too often filled with all kinds of tasks, like shopping and cleaning.

Little time is left to spend with those we love most. Holidays give us the chance to have a break, breathe in deeply, and fully be with our family.
Eco-lodge Brejeira is the perfect place to do exactly that: let everything go, forget about the daily stress, and simply be.

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Cocoa and coconut cake
2013-07 -  -  7
Good appetite Natalia Werutsky
Holidays are a good opportunity to be in the kitchen with the kids. The cocoa and coconut cake is a good example of a dessert that is fun to prepare.

It's a gluten free cake, with a low amount of sugar, suitable for the whole family!

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Don’t let constipation mess up your holidays!
2013-07 -  -  8
Healthy me Cristina Sales

During the holidays it is common to have constipation or to worsen it, which has multiple drawbacks.

To avoid constipation during your holiday, you should drink plenty of water between meals, eat some prunes, choose oatmeal for breakfast, take a probiotic with bifidobacteria, walk around (climb stairs for example) and when you desire to evacuate do not resist!

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How to prepare healthy, quick and tasty meals during the holidays
2013-07 -  -  9
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

During the holidays we need quick and light meals, but unfortunately most of our choices aren´t healthy…

Check out our tips to achieve a healthy diet during your holidays and trips!


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Acute diarrhea - what to do?
2013-07 -  -  10
S.O.S Cristina Sales

During vacation and traveling, the risk of acute diarrhea increases significantly.

What should you do in case of acute diarrhea?
- Stop eating food.
- Prevent dehydration! Drink as many fluids as the diarrhea’s gravity demands.
- Rebalance the intestinal flora.
- Resume eating only when you feel hungry.

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Get rid of mosquitoes on your holidays!
2013-07 -  -  11
Healthy me Cristina Sales

In some parts of the world insects can carry serious diseases. On trips to these destinations you should use very effective insect repellent which includes chemicals that carry some toxicity dangers.

But on holidays outside these geographical areas, the use of insect repellent made from natural substances, and some homeopathic medicines, seem a preferable solution.
How about making your own insect repellent?


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Don´t let traveler's diarrhea spoil your holidays
2013-07 -  -  12
Me and my body Helena Santos

A trip can be ruined by "traveler's diarrhea". This includes not only diarrhea but abdominal discomfort, indigestion, flatulence and frequent stomach aches. If you are traveling with children or elderly your care should redouble.

Do not use ice, eat preferably cooked food but attention to buffets, avoid eggs and sauces. See our other suggestions. Make your trip memorable for the right reasons.

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