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The Hypopressive Method: abdominal gymnastics of the XXI century
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Me and my body Miryam Sáez

The Hypopressive method emerged in the 80s through Dr Marcel Caufriez. It is a method that includes various hypopressive techniques with postures and movements which help to achieve the reduction of pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities.

Its use benefits health, athletic performance and can also bring benefits in terms of aesthetics.

In preparation for childbirth, hypopressive gymnastics should be applied by pregnant women at the time of labor, to favor the intensity of uterine contractions - which leads to a reduction of labor time and shorter expulsive period.

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What to expect when you’re expecting
2013-05 -  -  2
Watch and Listen

"What to expect when you’re expecting" is a 2012 film inspired in a book with the same name. It is a romantic comedy that shows motherhood and fatherhood experiences through the lives of five couples in a good humored way, although it shows difficult situations that all have to overcome in this new phase of their lives.

Full of humor to watch in a family environment!

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Pregnancy: healthy food, or food with toxic compounds?
2013-05 -  -  3
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

When a woman gets pregnant, her eating habits may change in order to properly nourish her baby. Unfortunately, little attention is given to different toxic compounds contained in that food, and that can interfere in the development of the new baby.

The increased consumption of vegetables and fruits leads to the increase consumption of different pesticides, the wrong containers and utensils leads to the ingestion of different compounds that influence in utero development. If you are pregnant, get to know the possible dangers contained in some of the foods considered to be healthy.

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Health secrets of foods Helena Santos

Widely used in oriental cuisine, ginger is a spice taken from the underground stem of the plant Zingiber officinale. It can be used in powder or pieces; it has a spicy flavor and has interesting medicinal properties.

The most documented effects are at the gastrointestinal tract, and it is great for relieving nausea during pregnancy. Although recent studies consider ginger safe during pregnancy, there is still some doubt in what concerns the maximum dose. So you should choose a maximum dose of 1 gram per day of powdered ginger or choose ginger infusion with ginger pieces.

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Parenthood and fertility
2013-05 -  -  5
Animals and company Maria João Baldaia

In the biological context, motherhood and fatherhood are the result of the realization of the perpetuation of the species. Without reproduction, the species would become extinct.

The reproduction of domestic animals is easy sometimes but other times extremely difficult
; sometimes with frustration, sometimes with surprise! But, because luck can be made there are a set of factors that impact on fertility and which we can and should consider: the general state of health, body condition, nutrition and stress.

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Good appetite Natalia Werutsky

A preparation that brings to mind family, home, warmth, comfort food. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, high-quality protein, calcium, potassium, omega-3 and other fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated).

This preparation is satiating, nutritious and can be eaten for breakfast or snacks.


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All Milks are not the same: Breastmilk vs cow milk
2013-05 -  -  7
Health secrets of foods

Breastfeeding is the best option for moms and babies. But can cow milk be an option in the impossibility of breastfeeding? Of course not!
The composition of cow's milk is very different from breast milk, being nothing suitable and even harmful for our babies. The World Health Organization reports that children up to 3 years old can be fed without cow's milk, although it may be introduced after 1 year of age.

Given the amount of chemicals that are still found in cow's milk, when children start drinking milk, they should drink it organic.

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Baby bath can be a wonderful experience
2013-05 -  -  8
Watch and Listen

When we think of "bath" and "babies", many of us will also make the association to "cry" or "fear of hurting." But after watching the video of Sonia Rochel you will completely change your mind.

Mother of 4 children and nurse, Sonia Rochel is the founder of "Thalasso Baby Bath" and intends to teach moms and dads that the experience of bathing may be the best way to receive and stimulate babies at this stage so new to them.

Watch and delight yourself!

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The fourth trimester of pregnancy - the Mom experience
2013-05 -  -  9
Another look Cristina Sales

In the weeks following childbirth the woman lives a unique period of time, "a time for guarding”.
Hormonal changes, breastfeeding, emotional vulnerability, tearfulness, irritability, hair loss, being focused and only having eyes and ears for your baby ... it is the fourth trimester of pregnancy!

A special time for mom and her baby.


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The fourth trimester of pregnancy - the baby experience
2013-05 -  -  10
Another look Cristina Sales

The human baby is born very immature continuing his neurological development during the first months of life, the 4th quarter of his pregnancy.

Life in the womb is filled with movement, sounds and sensations.
After birth, the stillness, the silence and solitude can be experienced with great anguish and fear of a new and unknown world and be the hidden cause of crying and malaise baby.

Recreate the uterine environment is to communicate with your baby in the language he knows and gives serenity and well-being.

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Pedro Moreira
2013-05 -  -  11
Three questions to...

Professor Pedro Moreira is Associate Professor of Human Food and Nutrition at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science of Porto University (Portugal). He has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition. He is a nutritionist with very active role in society and is involved in some research studies whose target are children.

With extensive experience on the subject, none better to answer some questions about mother’s diet and their influence on babies.

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Alice in Wonderland
2013-05 -  -  12
Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

No other book is as creative and independent as Alice in Wonderland. Created impromptu by Lewis Carroll, the story has the young Alice Liddell as its main character.

A masterpiece of the English language, with extreme richness of language, full of puns and free associations, which create an amazing atmosphere, full of references.

Hence the importance of this version, as it not only keeps the original illustrations, but also has several notes that help you understand the text behind the text, the characters and the stories that originated this story.

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