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Mucosa inflammation: many diseases are ultimately just one!
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Another look Cristina Sales

And what if the usual childhood diseases - tonsillitis, otitis, rhinopharyngitis, bronchiolitis, asthma, abdominal cramps, dermatitis and atopic eczema – are not different recurring diseases but just different acute episodes of exacerbation of the same problem - a global inflammation of mucosal tissues and lymphoid organs?

And if the responsible is essentially in the gut?

A new perspective, grounded in science, opens new possibilities for prevention and more assertive treatment.

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Silent inflammation: when an invisible fire is consuming us!
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Another look Cristina Sales

Like a brazier burning without flame, silent inflammation alters the organs and diminishes its functional capacity, no signalling, silent and insidious way, for decades.

Degenerative diseases of cardiovascular, neurological and osteoarticular nature, all in general, begin and evolve through a process of silent inflammation.

The reduction of factors that favour it is in our hands, delaying and reducing its devastating effects. Find out how.

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Fortnight started in 6 May 2013: Drinks & Company
Drinking beer - good news and some secrets!
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Health secrets of foods Cristina Sales

Moderate consumption of beer, one to three pints a day is healthy.
Prevents cardiovascular diseases and cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity and depression.

A "beer belly" is the fault of the foods that goes with beer!

Which temperature beer be drank? This is a secret that will be revealed by connoisseurs.

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Fortnight started in 22 April 2013: Inflammation & Anti-inflammation
Boswellia Serrata, a natural anti-inflammatory
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Phytotherapy Helena Santos

With origins in India and widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, boswellia serrata is a tree marked with medicinal effects.

Its anti-inflammatory ability is evident in various situations from osteoarthritis to inflammatory bowel diseases. There are no known adverse effects for the dosages commonly used and it has shown promising anticancer effects.
Boswellia can be infused or ingested as food supplement and is also used in skin creams.

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Hypnosis: a way to control pain
2013-04 -  -  4
Never stop learning

In recent years the "control" of pain has been the subject of numerous scientific studies, based on developed knowledge, proving that we can control it and even minimize it through hypnosis.

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EPA: the anti-inflammatory fat
2013-04 -  -  4
Orthomolecular Nutrition Daniela Seabra

The anti-inflammatory benefits of omega 3 are undeniable.
They act through the modulation in the production of eicosanoids, and through the inhibition of the genetic expression of pro - inflammatory molecules.

Different omega 3 fats are able to do it, but EPA has a special role.
Let us look into the roles of these fats in inflammation, and the importance of the balance between the available amount of omega 6 and omega 3.



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Did you know that what you eat can aggravate inflammation?
2013-04 -  -  5
Healthy eating Daniela Seabra

Our eating habits may be contributing to the worsening of different chronic inflammatory diseases.
The wrong foods, or even the excessive consumption of certain foods, increases the production of various inflammatory mediators and worsen different inflammatory conditions.

If you have a chronic inflammatory disease, or if you want to avoid that silent inflammation that accelerates aging, it is time to pay attention to what you put in your mounth.

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Tips for an anti-inflammatory diet
2013-04 -  -  6
Healthy eating Helena Santos

An anti-inflammatory diet is quite similar to what is called the Mediterranean diet. It is not a diet which claims elimination of inflammation, it is intended to control inflammation and decrease its chronic diseases potentiating effect.

There are several tips you can start applying now in your daily life: eat lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables of varying colors; use many herbs and spices and try seaweeds such as kombu, are just some examples.

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Barroque Cycle, Neal Stephenson
2013-04 -  -  7
Read and Write Nuno Seabra Lopes

To help us lower inflammation of our days, nothing better than a good adventure story, picaresque, filled with humor, intelligence and an interest out of the ordinary.
The Baroque Cycle from Neal Stephenson is the ideal work for this.

This work is located in the beginning of Modern Time (second half of the seventeenth century), unites fiction with historical facts in the most entertaining way possible.
Follow the history through fictional characters and through other very real characters, some of them responsible for some of the most striking facts of science and politics of the beginning of a time that is now ours.

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Vera Stejskal
2013-04 -  -  8
Three questions to...

Professor Vera Stejskal is a researcher and inventor of Melisa® test which assesses reactivity to metals.

Biology and chemistry are her areas of training and she is currently associate Professor of Immunology at University of Stockholm.
Professor Vera is a very active researcher, she has written numerous articles on metal allergy and gives frequent lectures. 

Aware of the consequences of the inflammatory reaction to metals, Vera Stejskal replied to our questions and we greatly appreciate it.

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Stress and depression can affect inflammation?
2013-04 -  -  9
Conscious Me

Living with a psychological problem for a long time can facilitate the development of inflammatory diseases.

We will understand how depression and stress can be linked to inflammation.

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Harpagophytum or devil's claw, a natural anti-inflammatory
2013-04 -  -  10
Phytotherapy Helena Santos

The Harpagophytum procumber, known as grapple plant, wood spider and most commonly devil's claw is a native crawling plant of the African continent. The most active constituents are extracted from the root or stem and possess the ability to reduce inflammatory markers.

Its main benefit is precisely in decreasing inflammation and mainly at osteoarticular level. It is considered very safe and you only have to be aware that there are some interactions with some medications.
It is possible to use as tea or capsules as a food supplement.

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